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warriors into the wild by erin hunter n.
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Warriors: Into the Wild By: Erin Hunter PowerPoint Presentation
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Warriors: Into the Wild By: Erin Hunter

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Warriors: Into the Wild By: Erin Hunter
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Warriors: Into the Wild By: Erin Hunter

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  1. Warriors: Into the WildBy: Erin Hunter Sai Mallipedhi

  2. About The Author • Did you know that Erin Hunter is actually four people! These four people work together and write the Warriors series. The four people are Cherith Baldry, Tui Sutherland, Victoria Holmes, and Kate Cary. • Victoria is the one that thinks of the ideas and Cherith, Tui, and Kate take turns writing the stories. • They use a fake name, Erin Hunter, as the author because they don’t want to confuse their readers by putting a different author on every book in the Warriors series.

  3. About The Author(continued) • These authors were inspired by having a love for cats and a fascination with the ferocity of the world. • All these authors have written one novel by themselves.

  4. Setting • This setting takes place in the present • There are only two settings: >The forest >The Twolegs’ place • The main setting in the story is the forest.

  5. Characters • The main character in the book is Rusty (at the end of the book, his name becomes Fireheart). Fireheart was a kittypet until he wandered into the forest. There he found a ThunderClan warrior. Then, Fireheart was asked if he wanted to be a warrior for ThunderClan. He said yes and that he would leave his friends and Twoleg owner. • Fireheart became an apprentice for ThunderClan and would become a warrior in six full moons. Until he became a warrior, he would have to train. He faced a lot difficulties and changed a lot. He also got friends like Ravenpaw and Graystripe.

  6. Plot • Fireheart was a kittypet that wandered into the woods. There, he found a ThunderClan warrior who asked Fireheart if he wanted to become a ThunderClan warrior. Fireheart said yes. • Fireheart would train for six full moons to become a warrior. He would also have to do something very important for the Clan like battling in a successful battle. For right now, he was an apprentice. • After six moons, Fireheart and Graystripe went into ShadowClan’s camp with some other warriors and attacked them. They forced ShadowClan to change their leader. When the warriors that went to ShadowClan came back, Bluestar announced to ThunderClan that Graystripe and Fireheart would become warriors for their bravery against ShadowClan.

  7. Conflict/Resolution • The main conflict of the story is if Fireheart can fit in with his Clan. A lot of cats in ThunderClan thought Fireheart would not fit in and would keep his kittypet personality. • The resolution is that Fireheart fitted in the Clan and that he lost his kittypet personality. He changed a lot to become part of ThunderClan. Losing his kittypet personality and being used to the cats of ThunderClan was probably the hardest part for Fireheart to fit in ThunderClan.

  8. Theme • The main theme of the story is, “Fight and defend for the people that you trust.” • I think this theme fits the story because Fireheart fought for ThunderClan when he had to and he trusted people that not many others trusted. Nobody trusted Yellowfang except Fireheart. Everybody trusted Tigerclaw except Fireheart, Graystripe, and Ravenpaw.

  9. Personal Book Review I really liked the book Warriors: Into the Wild. When I picked this book, I was just going to read it for the points. It actually turned out to be really good! This book was very fast-paced which I really liked. This book was also action-packed and when I finished reading a chapter, I always wanted to read more! I give this book a rating of 5 stars! I recommend this book.

  10. That’s all folks!