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FLASH! Society-Cosplay

FLASH! Society-Cosplay

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FLASH! Society-Cosplay

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  1. FLASH! Society-Cosplay Japanese toy and game manufacturer Bandai has been courting the adult consumer of late but now it seems their marketing is aiming a little lower... like knee-high to a grasshopper. By the end of February 2010, Japan's department stores should be stocking Bandai's new line of Baby Cosplay Rompers!Priced at just 1,029 yen (about $11.45) each, these will come in 10 different styles including Doraemon, Dorami-chan (Doraemon's girlfriend), Ultraman, Power Rangers and Dragon Ball Z.

  2. FLASH! Communication-Beyond Death So you've shuffled off this mortal coil before you could stutter out all the things you wanted to say to your loved (and unloved) ones? That's a shame... and there's no postal service or email in Heaven or Hell. Not even hotmail - even from the underworld. What to do?"Last Letter" is a free Japanese service that lets you record custom-addressed last messages at a dedicated website, there to be stored until the day life's hourglass runs out of sand. Members are given access to a personal page at the Last Letter website where they can compose and archive their messages - photos and videos can be included - and a sending time can be scheduled in advance. The service kindly notifies each recipient 3 days in advance that they will be getting a message on their cell phone from the dearly departed, so as not to completely freak them out, which is nice.

  3. FLASH! Weather-Robot Snowplow Though only a prototype at present, Yuki-taro's creators in the snowy city of Niigata expect to have a marketable version ready within 5 years at a cost of under 1 million yen (about $9000). That may sound like a lot, but it's likely that municipalities would pay the cost and deploy them where needed. Besides, Yuki-taro is packed with high- tech features such as a GPS positioning sensor, twin video cameras for obstacle avoidance in the "eyes", and a snowblock. Yuki-taro takes in snow at the front, squeezes it into rectangular bricks, and excretes said bricks out the back. Try teaching your dog to do that! The first part of Yuki-taro's name means "snow" in Japanese while "Taro" is a popular boy's name. If it were sold here - and one day, it likely will be - it'd probably be called "Snow Joe" or something. Like most Japanese robots, Yuki-taro is designed to look cute. There are more than a few altered photos of Yuki-taro modified to look like Pokemon'sPikachufoating around online. Expect a Pikachu conversion kit (and, dare I say it, a Hello Kitty version) to be sold right alongside Yuki-taro once he/she/it hits the stores

  4. FLASH! Relationships-Confidence Ladies, are you overly shy? Can't get up the nerve to talk to that cute guy in your building, much less look him in the eye? Maybe your hurtin' after a bad break-up? If so, order "Miterudake For Lady", a self-help DVD that helps shy women gain (or regain) their social savvy."Miterudake" means "only looking" in Japanese and that's just what this curious and kinda creepy DVD is all about: 51 young men staring into the camera lens for about a minute each, ending with a quick smile and a reassuring phrase. Who would watch such a thing? According to Avex, the manufacturer, Miterudake For Lady is aimed at the woman whose "heart was almost broken at love and interpersonal relationships.“ The DVD was released on November 25 of 2009 and is the followup to the even weirder and creepier Miterudake (For Men). This particular DVD, released on May 23 of 2008 and intended for men who suffer severe social anxiety, features dozens of women staring at the camera for a minute each. Available on Amazon Japan :D

  5. FLASH! Beverages-Odd Mother’s milk 0.0 By Coca-Cola Water Salad is... well... salad-flavored water. You know, the stuff you get after centrifuging your rinsed romaine in the salad spinner. Funny, we pour it down the drain here; in Japan they can it and put it up for sale in a varied selection of flavors. Not laughing now, are you, smart guy?? Diet water..? Black Vinegar Juice Bar

  6. FLASH! Beverages-Odd 2 Coffee BJ Coffee DeppressoCoffee What does one serve with GOD Coffee? Communion wafers?

  7. WhaddaYaWanna….watch? • Rapping Buddhist Monk • Nabari No Ou • Heroic Age