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Tips and Tricks 111

Tips and Tricks 111. What’s new in Star_Student and Star_Portal. Using Query Icons. Enter Query. Execute Query. Use ‘%’ sign to search entire screen for specific data you are trying to find. Then click execute query icon. Quick Searches in List of Values. 1. Click List of Value Icon.

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Tips and Tricks 111

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  1. Tips and Tricks 111 What’s new in Star_Student and Star_Portal

  2. Using Query Icons Enter Query Execute Query Use ‘%’ sign to search entire screen for specific data you are trying to find. Then click execute query icon

  3. Quick Searches in List of Values 1. Click List of Value Icon 2. When you start typingletters/numbers start beingentered in front of % sign. The list of values then startsautomatically narrowing downpossible choices.

  4. Changing Old Stuff into New Change Student ID – This routine will now use the AUTO ID GENERATOR if it is turned on. New Student Look Up Screen– Added the student buss information to the New Look Up Summary Screen. Marking Period Table – You can now enter a date in the post end date field that is after the last day of school. Mass Scheduler– When scheduler starts it will check to see if any records are locked. It will return a message with the user that is working in the course section data and did not save the data.

  5. Modifications to existing Star_Student Routines Valid Grade Table Added Quality points low and high to validation table

  6. Display values from the valid grade table Inside the Grade Calculation Routine Figure out the quality point average then find where it falls in the high/low range and post that letter grade to the student grade record

  7. Used to be 4 Year Plan. This has been expanded to allow more years to be entered. This will accommodate MS placing in high school courses before the student is a Freshman in the high school. Future Course Plan

  8. Search for student • See what address record said before a change was made based on Date Written. • If there are multiple dates of changes, use the scroll bar . • Will also show the user id that made the change. New ProgramsStudent Address Audit

  9. Post Next School Routine Fill in the grade levels that apply to each school type. This will then look at the grid code table and compare what school code should be placed into the next school field on the student main record.

  10. Gains and Losses Report The user specifies the date range (beginning date – end date) for the report. Then starting with the total number of student , male/female/total, it will create a log for each day when students entered/left the school. Shows the details as to who it was and what PCC code they had.

  11. Bus Assignment Routine Replace Option This option allows you to select a bus Route/Stop/Rotation in OLD DATA,delete it, and replace it with the data you enter under NEW DATA.

  12. Bus Assignment Routine Delete and Replace Option This option will NOT add bus data to student who have NO bus info already

  13. Bus Assignment Routine Append Option This option allows you to add additional AM or PM busing data for the selected students, leaving existing data in place.

  14. Bus Assignment Routine User controls what group of student is being modified by changing these options in the Student Parameter box

  15. Bus Assignment Routine Delete Option 2 Choices: Remove just the Route/Stop or all bussing data

  16. New Birthplace Tab on Student’s Auxiliary Screen for EIS 040 record New for 2009-2010

  17. New Birthplace Tab on Student’s Auxiliary Screen

  18. Special Programs for Students EIS 044 New for 2009-2010 • New valid Codes: 1, 2 • 1 = LEAP Participant • 2 = 21st CCLC Participant • Invalid Codes for 2009. • C = Hurricane Rita • G = GED + 2 • I = Migrant • K = Hurricane Katrina • M = Magnet • Data Audit report will report codes used in error.

  19. New Advanced Query Views • Activity Information View (Student): activityview • Links together student’s activity information with the activity validation table. • Busing Information View (Student): busview • Links together student’s bus information with the busing validation table.

  20. 0812.0 Portal Changes Teacher Assignments Screen Teachers now have the ability to copy 1 or all assignments to multiple classes. Prior you could only copy to 1 or all. Now a user can use the CTL key to highlight classes to copy.

  21. Online Course Requests • Changed the entire look of the online course requests for students. • The users now have the ability to enter in more than 1 alternative request per primary request. • Also added an entry to the default code table that allows users to control the number of alternate requests a student can have for a particular primary request.

  22. Teacher Grade Book • Added an option on the Missing Assignment Report so teachers can define their own missing grades in case they use something other than a blank. Before it would only search for class assignments that had no grade. Now it will include the teacher defined code if specified.

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