a superlative book n.
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A Superlative Book

A Superlative Book

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A Superlative Book

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  1. A Superlative Book

  2. MAIN IDEAS OF FOIRST PARAGRAPH ●The Guinness Book of World records is a compilation of the superlative things in every imaginable category. ●It contain facts and human achievements. ●The Guinness Books is one of the most popular book in the world. ●It has been sold in 100 different countries and translated into thirty-seven languages.

  3. VOCABULARY AND PHRASES OF THE FIRST PARAGRAPH —guninness (n) : a type of very dark brown beer, with a white head on it; the representive of the Book. — compilation (n) : a collection of items, especially pieces of music or writing, taken from different places and put together. 【com】fully【tion】making nouns. —category (n) : a group of people or things with particular features in common. 【gor】to gather —lizard (n) : a small reptile with a rough skin, four short legs and a long tail. —bubblegum (compound noun) bubble + gum. —fascinate (v) : to attract on interest sb very much. —popularity (n) : the state of being liked, enjoy or supported by a large number of people. 【popular】root 【ity】making noun.

  4. MAIN IDEAS OF THE SECOND PARAGRAPH ●The Guinness Book of World Records was produced for the purpose of settling disputes in bars. ●In order to resolve the disputes on the questions about the superlatives Sir Hugh thought to create a book that could answer questions about the superlatives.

  5. VOCABULARY AND PHRASES OF THE SECOND PARAGRAPH —dispute(n): an argument or a disagreement between two people, groups or countries; discussion about a subject where is disagreement. 【dis】not; opposite of —brewery (n): a factory where beer is made, a company that make beer. —stout (n): strong dark beer made with malt or barley. —plover (n) : a bird with long legs and short tail that lives on wet ground. —engaged (adj): busy doing sth. 【en】put into. —grouse (n): a bird with a fat body and fethers on its legs, which people shoot for sport and food. —resolve (v): to find an acceptable solution to a problem or difficulty. 【re】back; again.

  6. —ponder (v): to think about sth carefully for a period of time. —superlative (adj): the form of an adjective or adverb that expresses the highest degreed of sth. —denote (v): to mennsth. 【de】from; down; away. —publicize (v): to make sth known to the public; to advertise sth. 【ize】verb; cause.

  7. MAIN IDEAS OF THE THIRD PARAGRAPH ●Sir Hugh contacted Norm and Ross McWhirter to make the first edition of The Guinness Book of Superlatives. ●David A. Boehm gained the copy right later and renamed the book as The Guinness Book of World Records.

  8. VOCABULARY AND PHRASES OF THE THIRD PARAGRAPH —agency (n): a business or organization that provides a particular service especially on behalf of other business or organization. —compile (v): to produce a book, list, report, ect. 【com】fully. —sterling (adj): of exellence quality. —storehouse (compound noun): a building where things are stored. 【store】+【house】 —obtain (v): to get sth. 【ob】toward 【tain】hold

  9. MAIN IDEAS OF THE FOURTH PARAGRAPH ●Many of the facts in the Book are concerned with science and the natural world and are, therefore, unlikely to change. ● However, the area of human achievement will continue to be made and broken.

  10. VOCABULARY AND PHRASES OF THE FOURTH PARAGRAPH —distinctive (adj): having a quality or characteristic that makes sthdifferenr and easily noticed. —komodo dragon (n): a very large lizard form Indonesia.

  11. MAIN IDEAS OF THE FIFTH PAREGRAPH ●Some people spend much of their time deliberately trying to set world records and get their names into the book. ●The combination of strangeness and achievement is perhaps one of the most appealing and enduring aspects of the Book.

  12. VOCABULARY AND PHRASES OF THE FIFTH PARAGRAPH —deliberately (adv): done in a way that was planed, not by chance. —parachute (n): a device that is attached to people or objects to make them fall slowly and safely when they are drapped from an aricraft. —obscure (adj): not well known. —chin (n): the part of the face below the mouth and above the neck. —appealing (adj): attractive or interesting. —enduring (adj): lasting for a long time. 【en】putinto【dura】lasting —aspect (n): a particular part of feature of a situation, an idea, a problem,etc.