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Management Tutorial Business Purpose PowerPoint Presentation
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Management Tutorial Business Purpose

Management Tutorial Business Purpose

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Management Tutorial Business Purpose

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  1. Management TutorialBusiness Purpose

  2. Business PurposeSession outlines Appreciate the importance of business purpose Identify the elements of business purpose Appreciate the difference between customer and company view points Establish the means to define business purpose Application via case study
  3. Just how important iswhiteness?
  4. What business are these companies in... A cement distributor A car manufacturer An insurance company A railway company ?
  5. What is the Purpose of a Business? To provide the WANTS customers Need To satisfy!
  6. The customer seldom buys what a business thinks it sells him!
  7. A Matter of Purpose … but do we know what customers buy?
  8. A Matter of Purpose continued … but do they know what we buy?
  9. Which is best one for me?
  10. If only we could see the... ?
  11. Seeking the unexpected will help you find out what they will buy?
  12. The Areas of Focus … and supply the satisfactions customers want
  13. Some last thoughts The Purpose of a Business is to understand the customer and provide him with an offer that provides him with more satisfaction in a way that he can obtain more efficiently and better than anyone else can! Shouldn’t we agree that the CUSTOMER is the business and that our Business Purpose is about creating and satisfying one
  14. Business PurposeTutorial Case Study How A Tour Operator Finally Got it Right! See the full case; The Case of a British Tour Operator
  15. Tours in Exotic Places What game was the tour operator really good at? What prompted the change? Who was the customer? What unique strengths did it have to gain competitive advantage? What was the company's game plan? What three interdependent issue drive business purpose? Are you able to improve your business definition?