south east region n.
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South East Region PowerPoint Presentation
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South East Region

South East Region

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South East Region

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  1. South East Region By: Vinnie Angellotti

  2. Location Biggest Cities: Charlotte Memphis Jacksonville Landforms and resources: Great Smoky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, Coastal Plain, and Blue Ridge Mountains Relative Location: East of southwest, south of Midwest, Southeast of West

  3. Location Longitude and Latitude of the Biggest City: 35° 13' 36" N / 80° 50' 35" W Reasons People like to Live Here: The city is close to the water and have a variety of landforms and beaches.

  4. Place Religions are mostly Christian and Lutheran, Major Resources are farming- beef, fruits, hogs, poultry, rice, sugarcane, vegetables shrimp, fish, clams, lobsters, scallops oil, zinc, coal, iron, natural gas Major Landforms are Great Smoky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains Coastal Plain Big Cypress Swamp Blue Ridge Mountains

  5. Place Weather Patterns and Climates: Average Temp. In January is 41.7 and the average temp. in July is 80.3. What effect does Climate have: People like the warm weather so a lot of people like it. People need to buy air conditioners.

  6. HEI The unemployment rate is about 7.6 percent. Climate has affected the settlement because people can’t live too close Ocean because if a hurricane comes it would blow their houses away. Pollution has affected the region because the temp has risen 2 degrees. Also, people don’t like to live by the water that is polluted.

  7. Movement People choose to live in this region because of the warm weather and the tourist attractions. Goods are transported by car, train, bus, boat, and plane. Customs are that Disney world has a big celebration every year. If a major transportation system went out you could bike or take a taxi.

  8. Region Major tourist attractions are Stone Mountain, Mammoth Cave, St. Augustine, and Disney World The southeast region helps the United States economy because Disney World is so big and the government makes a lot of money from all the taxes.

  9. Resources