all about solid oak flooring nexus flooring n.
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All About Solid Oak Flooring – Nexus Flooring PowerPoint Presentation
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All About Solid Oak Flooring – Nexus Flooring

All About Solid Oak Flooring – Nexus Flooring

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All About Solid Oak Flooring – Nexus Flooring

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  1. All About Solid Oak Flooring – Nexus Flooring

  2. What is Solid Oak Flooring? • Solid oak flooring is made from solid wood. Solid wood flooring is a popular type of hardwood flooring made from one piece of hardwood timber such as Oak or Walnut. Solid oak flooring is popular for its durability and ability to be refinished numerous times for upkeep. It is easy to clean, making it a low maintenance option for your home.

  3. Why Choose Solid Oak Flooring? • Solid wood floors are incredibly durable, especially when compared with carpeting, which can often require frequent repairs, cleaning and in some cases replacing. • This type of floor can last a lifetime without having to be replaced. • It looks fantastic and can add real character and warmth to your home.

  4. Where Can We Install Solid Oak Flooring​ ? • Solid hardwood expands and contracts in reaction to changes in moisture and temperature, so solid wood floors are only recommended for rooms at ground level or above. • It’s Best in living areas, bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms.

  5. Performance of Solid Oak Flooring​ • Solid oak flooring is permanently nailed to the subfloor. Because of expansion and contraction issues, installers will normally leave a gap between the wall and the floor to accommodate swelling. • This type of wooden flooring installed in parts of the home above grade and only over plywood, wood or oriented strand board subfloors.

  6. Most Popular Solid Oak Flooring Products 1. Solid Lacquered Oak Flooring   • Solid Lacquered Oak Flooring, both in oak and lacquer finish. It’s known for give beauty, strength, style and elegance look to your home or office. • Maintenance of lacquered oak Flooring is quite easy.

  7. 2. Solid Brushed Oiled Oak Flooring • It is highly durable and has a long service life. • Solid Brushed Oiled Oak Flooring gives a more natural look to your floor. • This type of flooring you would normally find on old properties, like stately homes, castles, etc.

  8. 3. Solid Brushed Caramel Oak Flooring • Solid Brushed Caramel Oak Flooring makes the floor look classy and sophisticated. • It’s best in low budget and you need only one time investment. • The maintenance of this flooring is very low and needs no extra care.

  9. 4. Solid Hand Scraped Coffee Espresso Oak Flooring • Solid Hand Scraped Coffee Espresso Oak Flooring makes your house beauty, strength and elegance. • The coffee shade is suitable for any kind of lighting. The floor would look beautiful irrespective of the intensity of the light in the place.

  10. Our Latest Solid Oak Flooring Products

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