transcontinental railroad n.
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Transcontinental Railroad

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Transcontinental Railroad

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Transcontinental Railroad

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  1. Transcontinental Railroad

  2. A rail link between the eastern and western United States

  3. Ghost DanceReligion

  4. Ghost dance prophets foretold the imminent disappearance of whites, the restoration of traditional lands and ways of life, and the resurrection of dead ancestors.

  5. Homestead Act

  6. 1862 Law that gave 160 acres of land to anyone will live on and cultivate it for five years.

  7. Wounded Knee Massacre

  8. 1890 confrontation between the US cavalry and the Sioux that marked the end of Native American resistance.

  9. Assimilation

  10. To be absorbed into the main culture of a society

  11. Ghetto

  12. a section of a city predominantly occupied by a group who live there, especially because of social, economic, or legal issues

  13. Ellis Island

  14. A New York port that is the main entry station for most European immigrants.

  15. Angel Island

  16. Found off of the coast of San Francisco, this is the major entry point for most Asians entering the United States.

  17. Quota Act of 1924

  18. This limited the annual number of immigrants admitted to the country to 2% of the country that person had resided in.

  19. Chinese Exclusion Act

  20. 1882 law that prohibited the immigration of Chinese laborers.

  21. Denis Kearney Disturbance

  22. A protest on Chinese immigration that turned into a riot.

  23. Page Law

  24. Prohibited the immigration of ‘oriental’ women to prevent prostitution.

  25. Trust

  26. A group of separate companies that are put under the control of one board to form a monopoly.

  27. Monopoly

  28. Exclusive control by one country over an industry.

  29. Robber Baron

  30. •One of the American industrial or financial magnates of the late 19th century who became wealthy by unethical means, such as questionable stock-market operations and exploitation of labor.

  31. Captain of Industry

  32. Business leader whose means of amassing a personal fortune contributes positively to the country in some way.

  33. Standard Oil

  34. Owned by JD Rockefeller it had a monopoly on the oil refining business.

  35. Horizontal Integration

  36. The process of buying up competing companies to create a monopoly.

  37. Vertical Integration

  38. Form of business organization in which all stages of production of a good, from the acquisition of raw materials to the retailing of the final product.

  39. The Gospel of Wealth

  40. Written by Andrew Carnegie in 1889 that described the responsibility of helping society by the new upper class of self-made rich.

  41. Gilded Age

  42. The term Gilded Age refers to the political and economic nature situation of the United States from approximately 1876-1900.

  43. American Federation of Labor

  44. First labor union; formed for skilled labor in the United States.

  45. Pullman Strike

  46. 1894 railroad strike that interfered with commerce, finally ended when the president sent in troops.

  47. The Jungle

  48. Written to report on the problems with the meat packing industry.

  49. Muckraker

  50. Writer who uncovers and exposes misconduct in politics or businesses