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Shanmuga Stores

Shanmuga Stores

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Shanmuga Stores

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  1. 6 Beautiful Saree Materials Every Woman Must Try! For every woman, the attire that uplifts your look every time you wear is nothing but the six yards of sheer elegance - The Saree. No matter what the occasion is, sarees add the beauty to you. If your love for saree is beyond bounds or if you're looking out for the best suggestions on material selection, here's the set of six saree materials you must try. 

  2. Faux Georgette Sarees Made from Silk of twisted yarns, Georgette sarees are a little expensive but gives you a pretty look as it mostly comes in solid colors with prints. In modern trends, the designers have created a new material called "Faux Georgette" which is better compared to traditional georgette sarees.

  3. Lycra Sarees Lycra is a peculiar type of silk sarees made with about 90-95% of silk and 5-10% of elastic synthetic fiber known as spandex. When worn, it adds a comfortable stretch element which in turn adds a glamour quotient. 

  4. Crepe Sarees Sarees weaved with sheer wool or synthetic fiber fabric is what we call crepe sarees.  It has a distinctively crisp appearance which looks good on any woman. Crepe sarees are not occasion-specific wears and so you can drape yourself with crepe sarees for almost all seasons & occasions. 

  5. Chiffon Sarees If you like to go for a lightweight saree, chiffon is the best type for you. The smooth fabric gives complete freedom for you to move with comfort. Chiffon suit is one of the finest to prefer for rough uses especially at home. 

  6.  Cotton Sarees No one can ever say Cotton is uncomfortable as it is one of the softest materials. Any dress that's made of cotton is sure to give you a great look and comfort. In olden days, it is the traditional form of saree worn in India. There are different types of cotton that have come which when worn gives you the most stylish look during any season. 

  7. Kanchipuram Silk  Kanchipuram also called the city of temples, is famous for the traditional silk sarees. The unique feature of these sarees is the handloom method which is very traditional and is still followed there. Kanchipuram silks are expensive but stay good for a long time. 

  8. It's not about which saree you pick, it's all about the kind of place you drop in for purchase. Shanmuga stores is one of the best destinations in Chennai for buying sarees. Shanmuga stores has a separate section for sarees where you can find material-wise sarees. All the above-listed sarees are available at Shanmuga stores. Shanmuga stores is one store where no one can ever get tired of purchasing. Visit Shanmuga stores for taking home the finest saree collections weaved with care and perfection.

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