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Day 2: Filling your memory with the love of Penghu Peihuan Tour PowerPoint Presentation
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Day 2: Filling your memory with the love of Penghu Peihuan Tour

Day 2: Filling your memory with the love of Penghu Peihuan Tour

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Day 2: Filling your memory with the love of Penghu Peihuan Tour

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  1. Day 2: Filling your memory with the love of Penghu Peihuan Tour Penghu Reclamation Hall (Walking through the past to understand Penghu) Penghu Reclamation Hall(Magong) The Four-eyes well (The special appearance, the social norm and the ancestral culture have together created the source of Penghu’s life.) The Four-eyes well(Magong) Tianhougong (Temple of Goddess) (It was the first Matsu Temple in Taiwan and a first-class cultural heritage. It imitates the traditional architectural style of Chinese palaces and temples. Visit the temple and Matsu will bless you for the rest of your life) Tianhougong(Magong) Shuncheng gate (The most special historic city gate left!) Shuncheng gate(Magong) Guanyinting (Bathing in the remaining light of the sunset, listening to the evening drum and Buddhist music, one can enjoy the beauty of the sunset) Guanyinting(Magong) Fisherman’s Wharf (Walking leisurely along the seaside wooden trestle to enjoy the night view of the seaside and the red light wharf zone) Fisherman’s Wharf(Magong) Magong Airport →(Bring along the love and care of Penghu to engage in another splendid tour in your life) People say goodbye because there will be another encounter. We look forward to the next encounter! Magong Airport (Husi) Makung Airport(Husi)

  2. Specialties in Penghu Ahong's Cactus Ice Shop (Siyu-Delicacy) Cactus jam made from cactus juice is chilled then mixed with ice shavings. Add a ball of cactus ice cream on top and you have a cup of delicious and refreshing cactus ice. The plum color catches the eye while the cool sweet and sour taste lingers on the tongue. 仙人掌果汁做成的果肉果醬,冰涼後再加入碎冰,上頭再有一球仙人掌冰淇淋,就是一杯清流可口的仙人掌冰,紫紅色的視覺媚惑,冰涼中的酸甜滋味,令人久久難忘回味無窮。 Position: 地址:澎湖縣西嶼鄉小門村11號之5 Chaole Seafood (Magong-Delicacy) Chaole Seafood's frozen seafood products are all made from fresh wild seafood caught in Penghu's waters. Our special vacuum packaged gift box allows consumers to choose their own seafood combinations for a gift that anyone would be proud to receive. Our home delivery network means that you can taste real Penghu seafood no matter where you are! 澎湖海產朝樂水產各式冷凍水產品均源自澎湖海域天然野生活海產製造,注重品質及保鮮,研發出真空包裝保鮮海產禮盒,消費者可依需要自行組合海鮮種類,送禮大方、自用實惠,使澎湖海鮮禮品升級。透過水產宅配網,讓您吃得到澎湖海鮮的原味!

  3. Recommendation ( In Magong) The Coral Sea Home Stayis built mainly from coral stone. Though the architecture looks simple, the materials keep it cool in summer and warm in winter. Rather than see his family home left vacant, the owner restored it as a home stay for travelers who want to enjoy a fishing village atmosphere 珊瑚海民宿座落於澎湖馬公市鎖港,北距機場3.5KM 車程約 6.7分鐘,南距山水海灘3KM, 西離馬公市區9KM車程約 15~20分鐘係於東海岸線的一海港,早年是個盛產小管.沙丁魚的漁港,村內尚有魚灶及圓錐卵石築造的兩座百年以上子午塔三級古蹟,南北輝映宛若兩座小沙丘。民宿向東步行三分鐘就到港口,清晨在港邊可見晨曦霞光旭日東昇及滿載歸航漁船入港,美麗景色嘆為觀止,每天早上六點及下午三點有定置網漁船及近海捕撈的機動船載回新鮮魚貨,豐盛又價錢便宜。珊瑚海民宿是樸實的硬體結構,主建材-咾咕石又稱珊瑚礁可供建築房屋之用,特點是使房屋冬暖夏涼,天然資源難能可得,我們要感恩大自然好好保護生態,歡迎來澎湖遊玩的旅客可享受到澎湖的天然景觀。 POSITION: 880 澎湖縣馬公鎖港里1021號

  4. 希拉小宿 伊亞 費拉 雅典 羅德斯 聖托里尼 克里特 雙心 澎湖希臘邊境民宿 澎湖縣馬公市山水里59號 機場至飯店有接機服務.有線無限上網.希臘式早餐 汽.機車巴士租賃.SPA池.洗烘衣機

  5. Star and Moon Home Stay (星月小樓民宿) Star and Moon is a new home stay that opened in May 2007. A Spanish style building situated in Magong City's Caiyuan Village, we feature a pretty Stargazing Park in the front and expansive ocean front views from all seaward rooms. On either side are Magong City's largest bird watching area (Caiyuan Wetlands) and the Mussel Farms. At night, the stars stand out in a sky free from light pollution. You are invited to come and sit in our garden, have a coffee and look up at the stars and the moon for a fun and relaxing time! 星月小樓是2007年5月全新開幕,位於馬公市菜園里的西班牙式建築,前面是可愛的觀星公園,面海的房間都可看到心曠神怡的海景。左右兩邊分別是馬公市區最大的賞鳥區(菜園溼地)及牡蠣養殖海洋牧場。夜晚,星星在沒有光害的夜空熱鬧閃爍,邀您在我們的小花園裡喝喝咖啡,賞星觀月,渡假悠閒時光超Happy! POSITION: 880 澎湖縣馬公菜園里25-2號

  6. Exclude 把…排除 不包含… Estimate 估計 Steamer 輪船 Soar 往上飛舞 Cleanse 使清潔 Islet 小島 Unveil 除去…的面紗 揭開 Reclamation 開墾 感化 Ancestral 祖傳的 祖先的 Heritage 遺產 Imitate 模仿 以…做為範例 Material 物質的 有形的 Restore 恢復 歸還 Plum 紫紅色 Vacuum 真空包裝 Itinerary 行程 Voc.

  7. Q&A • T or F • (F) The Itinerary in Penghu is 3 days and 2 nights. • (F) The suggest season of the itinerary in Penghu is Fall and Winter. • (F) Cactus ice is green and has no ice cream on it. • (F) Penghu County consists of one city and five townships. • (F) The estimated cost of the itinerary is $10000~$15000 • What do estimated tour fee exclude? • steamer or air tickets • 2. What color is cactus ice? • plum • 3. When did Star and Moon open? • May 2007 • 4. What kind of Star and Moon‘s styling architect is? • Spanish style • 5. What is The Coral Sea Home Staybuilt mainly from? • coral stone

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