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Teaching with a Biblical Worldview PowerPoint Presentation
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Teaching with a Biblical Worldview

Teaching with a Biblical Worldview

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Teaching with a Biblical Worldview

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  1. Teaching with a Biblical Worldview What is a Biblical Worldview?

  2. Objectives • Identify the basic components of other world-views and contrast with biblical worldview. • Review curriculum resources related to developing a biblical worldview. • Review curriculum resources related to integrating a biblical worldview into the academic subjects. • Determine specific professional goals for implementing biblical worldview into the learning center instruction and services.

  3. Worldview Definitions • Things we focus on that determine how we interpret life • A vision for and of life (values, significance, guidance) • A person’s mental concept of the “big picture of reality” as shaped by one’s assumptions about God, creation, mankind, moral order, purpose

  4. Where does a worldview come from?

  5. Questions that Frame a Worldview • What is real? • What is the universe like? • What is humanity? • What is of value? • What is good? • What is beauty? • What is true? • What is our purpose?

  6. Life is sacred & secular Mother Earth / Nature as god “Man is the measure of all things” “Know thyself” Manual labor is vulgar Education is for knowledge Life is sacred God is creator and is separate from creation Truth is determined by God; God’s Word is the measure of all things “Know God” Trades are honored; all rabbis learned a trade Education is for wisdom and character-building Greek vs Hebrew

  7. Radical Cosmological Dualism

  8. Basic Worldviews • Cyclical view of history: it repeats itself. History is something to escape not change (Hinduism) • Linear/non-progressive: world will always be the same • Linear/progressive/secular: the world is evolving and improving by natural selection and human effort • Linear/progressive/biblical: God is working in history to restore his original purposes

  9. Basic Worldviews

  10. World Religions and Worldviews

  11. The Heart of a Christian Worldview

  12. Creation= order, purpose, image of God/value of life The Fall = God’s image in man is marred, he needs a redeemer Redemption = God’s revelation of himself in Christ/scriptures Reconciliation is coming from God Evolution = random chance, survival of the fittest Man is basically good and can earn eternity by acts of goodness There are many sources of truth; truth is evolving Mankind is becoming better and better Biblical vs Nonbiblical Worldview

  13. Representative govt Appeals court Protection of property Education Wealth can be created/earned Care for the poor King is under the law; all are equal Requirement of a witness and evidence in court Laws of warfare Public health Respect for the poor Influence of Biblical Worldview on Western Society

  14. Christian Worldview vs. Modern and Postmodern

  15. Biblical Worldview Resources Creation • Gen 1-2 • Creation Research Institute • Dr. Paul Brand: videos, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made • Philip Johnson: Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds, Darwin on Trial • Of Pandas and People, The Lie

  16. Biblical Worldview Resources The Fall • The 7 Habits of Highly Suppressive People video by Bill Jack (WVA) • Genesis 3 through Revelation 20 • Human history, newspaper to observe how God is replaced by other things and the break down of relationships, order, beauty

  17. Biblical Worldview Resources Redemption • Gen 3 - Rev 20, Bible study • Paul Little: Know Why You Believe, Know What You Believe • Josh McDowell: More Than a Carpenter, Evidence that Demands a Verdict

  18. Biblical Worldview Resources Reconciliation • Rev 21-22 Ministry of Reconciliation • Transformations video • Christmas Project video

  19. Teaching with a Biblical Worldview Integrating a Biblical Worldview into the Academics

  20. Integrating a Biblical Worldview into History/Social Studies • Diana Waring’s materials • America’s Godly Heritage • God and Government • The Light and the Glory, From Sea to Shining Sea, Sound Forth the Trumpet • Understanding the Times • Biographies of Christians • Citizenship responsibilities

  21. Integrating a Biblical Worldview into English • Literature: beauty/truth, discerning the author’s worldviews (Christianity and Literature, The DeadliestMonster – Jeff Baldwin) • Communication / Logos: writing and speaking with excellence, beauty, truth (Understanding Writing)

  22. Integrating a Biblical Worldview into Math/Science • Biographies of Christian mathematians and scientists • Dr. Brand videos, books • Creation Research Institute resources • Constant discovery of design and order in the universe

  23. Integrating a Biblical Worldview into the Fine Arts • The study of and the creation of beauty and/or truth • Gift of Music by Betty Carlson • Cornerstone curriculum/art • How Shall We Then Live? (also includes philosophy, science, history)

  24. Integrating a Biblical Worldview into Occupational Education/Other • Total Health / PE, stewardship of own body (eating, exercise, self-care) • Ministry/mission statement (7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens) • Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer • Larry Burkette’s resources on finances and career choice (Career Pathways)