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Dentzz Dental on dental implants and bone graft PowerPoint Presentation
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Dentzz Dental on dental implants and bone graft

Dentzz Dental on dental implants and bone graft

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Dentzz Dental on dental implants and bone graft

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  1. Dentzz Dental on Bone graft and dental implants

  2. Evolution of Dental implants • Dentures had it’s share of negatives which were then replaced by Dental Implants • Dental implants were not as effective as they are today • Use of titanium cylinder in Dental implants, the process being called ‘osseointegration’ did wonders in holding tooth firmly • This made Dental implants a permanent solution, as an alternative to dentures and bridges

  3. Process of Dental Implants Step 1: Metal collar is inserted in gums that acts like a root to the artificial tooth. This metal collar is allowed to settle inside gum for a while Step 2: A part known as abutment which does the work of holding the crown is then inserted into the metal collar Step 3: Final placement of crown which is available is different shapes and sizes depending upon the requirement

  4. Bone grafting • Loss of tooth/teeth results in contraction of gums after some period of time. • Bone grafting is essential part of dental implants where the contracted gums are puffed by a certain filling that which creates a base for further procedure • Bone grafting is a very important procedure without which dental implants will be a failure • Bone grafting is usually required for people whose teeth are missing since a quite a long time.

  5. Dentzz to the rescue • Dentzz Dental have a team of professional dentists who work on such treatments on a regular basis • They have the knowledge and expertise of carrying out such severe treatments and that too without any pain and hassle • Dentzz is chain of multinational clinics whose clinics are located in the developed countries and pools expertise from such countries • Clinics of Dentzz are located in the major cities across the countries like UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa

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