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Reveal Magazine.

Reveal Magazine.

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Reveal Magazine.

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  1. Reveal Magazine. Samuel Newell (Prestige WorldWide)

  2. Over View. • Genre: Lifestyle • Launch date: 2004 • Editor: Jane Ennis, • Address: Hearst Magazines UK • 72 Broadwick Street • London • W1F 9EP • 020 7439 5000 • Reveal magazine was launched in October 2004 as a magazine that could “talk with its readers, not at them, encouraging young women to share their opinions on anything and everything showbiz, fashion, beauty or real life that is hot right now.” Being aimed at women and very appealing at the same time caused the circulation to increase over the ten years it has been a published magazine, over the past ten years it has included various celebrity “gossip” for example weight loss and wait gain of celebrities being a main topic.

  3. Content. • Reveal Style • Reveal beauty • Reveal celeb • Reveal food • Reveal health • Reveal reader offer • Reveal real lives • Reveal is written in a kind of relaxed format, in the dialect in which women would speak. In this case it is written rather informally meaning that it can meet its target audience more easily through doing this. In a way the magazine is formed in an organized jumble, as the reader knows very well what will be included in the magazine , it is simply the weekly subject of each section which changes. Content • This magazine is split into around 7 sections,Reveal Style, Reveal beauty, Reveal celeb, Reveal food, Reveal health, Reveal reader offer, Reveal real lives. however the sections, are unevenly distributed, with reveal celebs being the main topic of the magazine however the other different sections are scattered irregularly between the reveal celeb section itself , it isn’t that well organized in that sense. • Each week includes common sections:

  4. Production- Hearst magazines uk Hearst magazines uk Reveal magazine is produced by Hearst uk. It is the largest digital publisher in the UK its reach extends to 1 in 3 UK women and 1 in 4 UK adults The portfolio comprises 19 magazines and 19 digital properties, its world class brands are available on multiple platforms. They make many other brands of magazine mostly aimed at women, these include all about soap, Best, Inside soap, Prima, Elle, Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan etc. In consideration I believe that their mass markets division consists of all about soap, inside soap and real people etc. In addition the upmarket division would consist of elle, netdoctor, and prima etc. • Consumption • ABC’s standard certificate of Distribution confirms that: • (For the 26 issues published between 1st January 2013 – 20th June 2013) • Average net curriculum per issue 172,768. • 170,111 UK sales • 2,657 outside of the UK

  5. Auidience and Marketing • Advertisement is a big part of the reveal magazine contents , a high percentage of the adverts is aimed at women as the overall magazine is aimed at women for example: • Outfit • Febreeze • Dunelm • Boohoo • etc