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  1. “Nerd”

  2. “Cool”

  3. And now, devotees of Spiderman comics can also follow the adventures of “The Prowler,” a caped superhero, and his svelte wife, Mindy, who works by day as a bookkeeper and by night studies for the certified public accounting exam. Alison Leigh Cowan, “C.P.A. Rallying Cry: Dull No More!” New York Times. (Dec. 21, 1989): 1.

  4. Looking for a hot career?Think number crunching! LA Times, “Go Figure: Accounting is Hot Job – Slow Economy, High Demand Add up to Big Career.”

  5. “That’s right. Even in this rapidly slowing economy – and in part because of it – accounting and related services are very much in demand, with graduates getting multiple job offers and accounting firms competing with technology and entertainment companies for the brightest ‘bean counters.’”

  6. And accounting is no longer confined to just calculators and spreadsheets. The profession requires regular interaction with top-level management. “I’ve worked on traditional audits, business plans, and an initial public offering, for a company,” said Julie Chassagne, a 23-year old senior accountant at KPMG in Orange County. ”I’ve had a chance to work with high-tech companies, the entertainment industry, financial service clients, traditional manufacturing, health care … and I’m getting to work with senior management at those companies.”

  7. Jacques Rioux, Professor at Drake University: “If we could produce 40 accounting graduates, businesses would hire 40. If we could produce 100, they’d hire 100.”Alan Cherry, Chair of Accounting Department, Loyola Marymount University: “34 out of 40 members of the class of 2001 had job offers before Memorial Day weekend, with 23 of those finding work at major-league accounting firms … the trend is continuing with this summer’s interns.”Betty Chavis, Chair of Accounting Department at Cal State Fullerton, “Our top students are getting three to five job offers … and the demand for students seems to be getting stronger.”And these quotes come from a time when the U.S. economy is slow.

  8. Who are the major employers? • Professional Services • Industry • Government

  9. Top Five Professional Service Firms... Arthur Andersen, LLP Deloitte & Touche, LLP Ernst & Young KPMG Peat Marwich PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP

  10. Other Professional Service Firms... Accenture American Express Cap Gemini Crowe, Chizek & Company Grant Thornton Katz, Sapper & Miller BKD LLP Clifton Gunderson LLC

  11. Industry...

  12. Government...

  13. How does Indiana University’s Accounting program prepare you for these careers?

  14. World Class Curriculum • World Class Facilities • World Class Faculty

  15. World Class Curriculum Public Accounting Reportranked our Accounting Program... 1. University of Texas 2. University of Illinois 3. Brigham Young University 4. University of Southern California 5. University of Florida 6. University of Notre Dame 7. University of Michigan 9. Arizona State University 10. University of Pennsylvania 8. Indiana University* * The only program in the U .S. that offers an MBA in accounting

  16. IU Accounting Programs Freshman Sophomore Junior Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 MBAa Admission Other Schools Core curriculum Senior 4-year degree holders 4 ½ year option (with summer courses & 2 spring internships) ISS Bachelors degree Tax track Consulting track E-Business track Assurance track Tax track Consulting track E-Business track Assurance track MPA degree MBAa degree

  17. World Class Facility

  18. MBAa Students “Plugged In”

  19. New Corporate & Graduate Center

  20. New Corporate & Graduate Center

  21. World Class Faculty

  22. Faculty • Steve Baginski • Daniel Beneish • Walt Blacconiere • Joe Fisher • Jim Grandorf • David Greene • Mike Groomer

  23. Faculty • Les Heitger • Peggy Hite • Pat Hopkins • Laureen Maines • Jerry Salamon • Geoff Sprinkle • Jim Wahlen

  24. Should I look into Accounting as a major?

  25. Am I willing to put in the effort to be the best I can be? YES NO

  26. Am I interested in joining a highly-respected profession? YES NO

  27. Do I want to be well compensated? YES NO

  28. Do I want a career that provides limitless professional options and paths? YES NO

  29. Am I willing to put in the effort to be the best I can be? YES NO Curriculum is challenging, interesting, and broad.

  30. Financial Accounting Standards BoardThe mission of the Financial Accounting Standards Board is to establish and improve standards of financial accounting and reporting for the guidance and education of the public, including issuers, auditors, and users of financial information. Am I interested in joining a highly-respected profession? YES NO

  31. Do I want to be well compensated? YES NO Business-Undergraduate $43,000 Masters of Business in Accounting $53,000

  32. Do I want a career that provides limitless professional options and paths? Yes NO Partner in professional service firm (assurance, tax, business advisory), chief financial officer, controller, professional consultant, investment analyst, etc...

  33. Is this for you?

  34. Panel Members... John Curry - - Brian Deakyne David Feinberg - - Adam Rooks Michael Traylor -

  35. Panel Members... - Leah Sendelweck Marcy Simpson - • Brian Newton Adam Minderman - • John Smith

  36. Panel Members... John Curry – BKD, LLP Brian Deakyne – Clifton Gunderson, L.L.C. David Feinberg – Crowe Chizek & Company Adam Rooks – Cummings, Inc. Michael Traylor – Deloitte & Touche Leah Sendelweck – Ernst & Young Marcy Simpson – Indiana University Brian Newton – KPMG Adam Minderman – PricewaterhouseCoopers John Smith – Rolls Royce