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Life cycle of animals PowerPoint Presentation
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Life cycle of animals

Life cycle of animals

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Life cycle of animals

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  1. Life cycle of animals By: Ashley Gilmer

  2. What would you like to do??? Mammals Quiz Amphibians Insects

  3. !Mammals!

  4. What is a mammal?? • They are warm blooded, which means that they can regulate their body temperature! • Have hair and ear bones • They give birth to live young, which means that the babies do not pop out of an egg. • YOU ARE A MAMMAL!!!

  5. Growing up mammals • Females grow their babies inside of them • Once the baby is born, the mother takes care of their young for a while. Just like your mother takes care of you! • Mammals are the only animals that feed their babies by milk from their body.

  6. Three different types of mammals!!!! Select the one you want to learn about first  Placental Marsupials Monotreme Menu

  7. !Marsupials!

  8. What is a marsupial?? • When the babies are born, they are not fully developed. • They are first put into their mothers pouch so they can finish growing. • A Kangaroo is an example!!

  9. Monotreme

  10. What is a monotrome?? • They are the only mammals that lay eggs • They only live in Australia and New Guinea • An Anteater is an example!

  11. !Placental!

  12. What is a placental? • Before the babies are born, they are nourished in a placenta • A placenta is where the baby is able to get everything it needs to grow while inside their mom.

  13. Amphibians

  14. What is an Amphibian?? • Amphibians are four legged animals. • They are cold blooded which means they cannot regulate their body temperatures. They are as cold or as warm as it is outside. • They can live on land or in water • They are able to breather with gills, lungs, and even through their skin!!!

  15. Growing up Amphibians!! • Amphibians start out as tadpoles. You would probably think of a baby frog when you think of a tadpole. They look like a little fish which means they only have gills at this point. • As they begin to change, they go through a process called metamorphosis, which just means change

  16. Growing up Amphibians contd. • When they reach their adult part of their life, they develop lungs so they can breathe on land. • Metamorphosis changes the physical shape and their feeding and breathing habits • It can take an Amphibian 3-4 years to become an adult.


  18. Insects

  19. What is an Insect?? • There are many different types of insects • They have three different body parts • Head • Thorax • Abdomen • They have an exoskeleton, which mean their skeleton is on the outside of their bodies instead of inside like yours.

  20. Growing up Insects • Four stages • Egg>Larvae>Pupa>Adult Now lets talk about the first stage THE EGG

  21. The Egg • The egg can be many shapes and sizes. • How many weeks or months the insect is inside the egg all depends on the type of insect it is. • Now lets go to the next stage: • Larvae

  22. The Larvae • This is the stage where the insect begins to grow • It eats a lot of green foods that it can grow big and strong in order to change into an adult. Next stage: Pupa Q4

  23. The Pupa • This is the stage where they begin to transform into an adult • Many insects use a chrysalis to help them change. • They can either grow wings or just continue to grow. • When this stage is complete, they split open the chrysalis so they can live their lives as an adult!! • Last stage • Adult

  24. The Adult • Some have developed wings and some have just gotten bigger. • This is the final stage!!!!!!! • They have gone through a complete metamorphosis, just like Amphibians

  25. So now that you have gone through some of the different types of animals, we are now going to take a little quiz over what we have learned!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Question 1 • What is a type of mammal?? A.) A bee B.) A Placental

  27. Answer A • INCORRECT  Review


  29. Review • A bee is a type of insect, they are not part of the mammal group. • They have four different stages to their life cycle: Egg, larvae, pupa, and adult

  30. Question 2 • In mammals, where do the babies grow before they are born?!?! A.) In their mommies tummy B.) In an egg

  31. Answer A • CORRECT!!!!  • Baby mammals first grow and develop inside their mothers

  32. Answer B • INCORRECT  • No, an egg is where amphibians and insects develop

  33. Question 3 • In marsupials where do the babies go after the are first born? A.) They turn into a pupa to be able to change into an adult B.) They go into their mother’s pouch

  34. REVIEW • The pupa is the third stage of an insect’s life cycle • This is where they begin to change into an adult!!!!!

  35. Answer A • INCORRECT  Review

  36. Answer B. • CORRECT  • The babies live in their mothers pouch for a couple of weeks in order to get all the nutrients they need!!

  37. Question 4 • What do amphibians start out as?? A.) Larvae B.) Tadpoles

  38. Answer A.) • INCORRECT  Review

  39. Answer B.) • CORRECT!!!  • Amphibians are like little fish called tadpoles as babies!

  40. Question 5 • What happens when amphibians change into an adult?? A.) They grow big and tall. They always live on land B.) They grow lungs so they can live on land as well as in water

  41. Answer A.) • INCORRECT  Review

  42. Review • As amphibians grow they change their whole body. • They lose their tail, they begin to eat meat, and they also develop lungs along with gills.

  43. Answer B.) • CORRECT  • Amphibians are able to have gills and lungs so they can live anywhere!

  44. Question 6 • What does metamorphosis mean? A.) Stay the same B.) Change into adult form

  45. Answer A.) • INCORRECT  Review

  46. Review • Metamorphosis is the process where animals begin to change from babies to adults!

  47. Answer B.) • CORRECT  • Metamorphosis is the change in an animals life!

  48. Question 7 • What are the four stages of an insect??? A.) Egg>Larvae>Pupa>Adult B.) Egg>Tadpole>Adult

  49. Answer A.) • CORRECT  • Insects have four stages Egg, larvae, pupa, and adult

  50. Answer B.) • INCORRECT  Review