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WebCollage Global Business Solution for Cisco Partner Webinar FY 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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WebCollage Global Business Solution for Cisco Partner Webinar FY 2009

WebCollage Global Business Solution for Cisco Partner Webinar FY 2009

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WebCollage Global Business Solution for Cisco Partner Webinar FY 2009

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  1. WebCollage Global Business Solution for CiscoPartner WebinarFY 2009

  2. Agenda • Introductions • Cisco Content Syndication Strategy for Partners • WebCollage Overview • The Complete WebCollage B2B Solution • How to get started • Q&A • Process for this Call – Panelists for Chat – Please submit questions via the Webex chat feature and panelists will answer during the call – Thank You!

  3. Why Syndicate? • Getting a rich media experience to individual customers can be a daunting task for partners • Having consistent, relevant and interesting content available to customers is a business imperative • Leverage the strength of the Cisco • If you aren’t delivering a rich media experience on the web, your competition will • A better customer experience ultimately drives sales • Increase preference for Cisco Small Business Products

  4. Partner Benefits • Improved lead conversions and customer loyalty   • Continuously updated and relevant product content • Enhanced product information and research capabilities • Reduced service inquiries and product returns • Customized showcases to match your site's look-and-feel • No ongoing IT requirements • No content development resources required

  5. WebCollage Overview

  6. WebCollage Optimizes Partner Online Marketing Channel Partners Hosted service that retrieves all product marketing content from Cisco’s site and dynamically extends it to the partner’s site WebCollage Content Integration Platform • Worldwide deployment & support • No software to install or maintain • No updates or ongoing IT support • Assorted to partners site • e-commerce enabled • No cost to partner

  7. The Complete WebCollage B2B Solution

  8. The WebCollage B2B Solution Demand Generation Product Mini-Site Brand Showcase Cisco 1841 Router $112.99 Product Page Communicator Line Cisco Showcase

  9. Brand Showcase

  10. The Brand Showcase Brand Awareness • Manufacturer Brand Experience • Proper Assortment by Partner • Education & Guided Selling • Product Details • Includes only products carried by the Partner • Features, benefits, all marketing from Cisco • Learn from Manufacturer • Solutions, Whitepapers, Podcasts • Areas for Campaigns & Promotions • New Products • Seasonal Campaigns • Product Promotions by Partner • Live Link

  11. Brand Showcase - Best Practices • Include a link to the showcase on your home page of your site • Include links to the showcase on all appropriate pages including product information or category information • Promote the showcase in all correspondence including emails, newsletters, quotations • Integrate your email and phone # within the showcase for call to action and follow up • Utilize the 2nd banner to promote your business and initiatives • Surround the showcase with additional information that will be useful to your customer base • If the partner has a showcase add a link to the SMB showcase to provide deeper product level information (see Ingram example)

  12. Brand Showcase – email and Phone #

  13. Customer access points on your website • A Cisco showcase button is provided to a Partner for use on their website Typically placed on Partner homepage or product sections Partner Home Page 13

  14. What Partners Using Showcases Have to Say… 47% estimated their Mfg sales increased by 10 - 30% after integrating the Mfg Brand Showcase into their websites 82% believe the manufacturer brand showcase transformed their websites into better sales and marketing tools 70% believe the manufacturer brand showcase helps their sales reps conduct business • Sept ’08 survey of 230 partners using Manufacturer Showcases

  15. Product Mini-Sites

  16. Product Mini-Sites: Cisco Product Level Content Customer: “I would like to know more about this product” Instead of having to go to the manufacturer’s site and look for additional information, customers can find all available information at the partner site, next to the “buy” button Call Product Page

  17. Complete Product Details Complete, accurate, up-to-date, and compelling

  18. Mini-Site - Best Practices • Position smart button directly underneath the product image • A/B testing illustrates that “Product Tour” or “Take a Product Tour” is the best text for the smart button • Promote the Brand Showcase as well as the Mini-Site on the Product Page • Include Pricing and add to cart capabilities in the Mini-Site content

  19. Product Mini-Sites: Best Practices ImplementationPlace Smart Button directly underneath the product image: Good Placement Best Placement Poor Placement

  20. Product Mini-Sites: Best Practices ImplementationInclude both Product Tour and Showcase links: Partner Product Page Customer: “I would like to know more about this product” Instead of having to go to the manufacturer’s site and look for additional information, customers can find all available information at the partner site, next to the “buy” button

  21. Product Mini-Sites: Add to Cart within Mini-Site Add to Cart Enabled by Partner Partner Product Page

  22. Demand Generation & Best Practices

  23. Demand Generation • Drive Demand to Partner Sites: • Search Engine Marketing • email Campaigns • Newsletters • Comparison shopping engines • Banner Ads • Joint Campaigns • Direct Traffic on Partner sites: • Banners on Showcase • Smart Buttons • Ads on Mini-Sites Cisco 1841 Router $112.99 Product Page Communicator Line Cisco Showcase

  24. Executing Promotions at PartnersBanner Advertisement on Showcase

  25. Full Joint Campaign Integration:Intuit @ Staples Display ad (note the Staples logo) Intuit / Staples landing page Paid search

  26. Executing Promotions at PartnersAds on Mini-Sites

  27. Getting Started

  28. How can Cisco Partners get signed up? • Fill out the online questionnaire:

  29. Cisco Partners Service Options • Option #1 – Product Catalog on your site • Showcase – Assorted to your product offering • Mini Site - Product level Content assorted to your product offering • Power Product Pages – A+ inline content on your product page • Commerce enabled if you have ecommerce capability on your site Partner provide a product data feed - WebCollage will contact you with instructions • Option #2 – Do not have a Product Catalog on your site • Showcase – customized to category level – non commerce enabled • Mini Site - Product Level Content available via showcase Partner fills out questionnaire supplied by WebCollage and we configure the showcase and Mini Site content

  30. Partner Implementation: Easy Integration Into Partner Website Showcase Scripts Customized to product assortment of Partner Automatically organizes based on partner authorizations Product Level Content Integration WebCollage creates a HTML script and button for your product page Insert HTML script on product template page. Same script used for all products Automatically Updated Content is kept up to date without any effort from Cisco or the Partner <scriptsrc=""> Insert 1 line of HTML code • WebCollage builds script that partner pastes into Container Page – • Partner goes live within 24-48 hours!

  31. FAQs • Who paid for the service? This service was funded by Cisco. • What is the cost to the partner? There is ZERO cost for partners to implement the WebCollage solution. The cost is included with the Cisco SMB contract. • What languages are included? Languages that will be syndicated are English, German, French and Spanish. • What Cisco products are covered under this service? Small to Medium Business. The contract does not cover Enterprise Level Technology. • Will the WebCollage service also contain Cisco Small Business - formally Linksys by Cisco?   Yes, we will have the Cisco Small Business Branding. We are currently removing all Linksys by Cisco Branding.

  32. FAQs cont. • What Cisco partner level is this service available to? The only requirement is that you are a registered Cisco partner. • Will this service direct partners off of my site? The customer will remain at all times on your site. • What resources will I need to supply to enable the service on my website? Simply cut and paste a script into the container page and we take over.

  33. And best of all … This service is available at NO cost to Cisco registered partners. Benefits for Partners • Your website will never be out-of date and you can leverage Cisco’s investment in marketing to drive sales • Reduce your web maintenance costs - easy to implement and nothing to maintain solution • Keep customers on your website, instead of sending them elsewhere for additional information • Capture leads and forward them to your sales and support teams to help drive sales • Transform your website into a powerful tool your sales team can use in presentations with prospects and existing clients • Demonstrate your expertise and the depth of your relationship with Cisco

  34. Live TourClick on link below