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  1. TUCSON, AZ.

  2. TUCSON, AZ.


  4. Invesco Field (Denver), CO.

  5. FUEL WIZE Tucson Arizona

  6. THE PRODUCTS FUEL WIZE AND OMSTAR B-15X Are new advances in technology designed for their high cleaning and lubrication performance. These fuel conditioners leave a lubricity layer that is own as chemical adsorption. This affect restores the original power to the engine, improves fuel economy and significantly reduces maintenance costs and air pollution.

  7. FUEL WIZE “The Answer to High Fuel Prices, and Reducing Vehicle Emissions” Reducing fuel consumption and improving air quality is essential today’s growing world. By operating energy-efficient vehicles we could accomplish both goals.

  8. FUEL WIZE • Is a fuel additive designed to be used both in diesel and gasoline engines, but works well in LPG, Ethanol, Biodiesel, etc. • Is a non-hazardous and non-toxic liquid with man-made esters that simply use the elements of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. • Is a completely harmless additive that contains no carcinogen compounds.

  9. FUEL WIZE What is Fuel Wize? Fuel Wize is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) • as a "combustion improver” (anti-smoke agent). • as a “upper cylinder lubricant” (lubricates the upper cylinder heads). • as a “gum solvent” (dissolves the gum). • as a “valve lubricant”. • as a “cetane improver” (increases the cetane level). • as a “carburetor and choke cleaner”, for diesel and gasoline and other fuels.

  10. FUEL WIZE How does Fuel Wize work? Fuel Wize reformulates the fuel causing two important benefits; • The first is it adds much needed lubricity to allengine components. 2. It also cleans the system. All the internal components(fuel lines, filters, carburetor, spark plugs, and injectors)of the car's fuel system benefit from this cleansing action. The result, less maintenance. A smoother engine also runs cooler, up to 46% cooler with Fuel Wize.

  11. FUEL WIZE Does Fuel Wize work for all vehicles? Yes,Fuel Wize works great for all vehicles!! • It also happens to work very well for motorcycles and other sports vehicles. Also, amazing results have been seen when using Fuel Wize in commercial vehicles that use propane and diesel. • Any internal combustion engine, even two-stroke motorcycle and lawn mower engines can use Fuel Wize with great benefits.

  12. FUEL WIZE Fuel Wize works with engine oil as well. • It first functions as a soap/solvent which cleans the walls of the cylinder while removing many of impurities and residues in the oil. • Second, Fuel Wize actually works to prevent further buildup by lodging itself in the microscopic pores of the cylinder walls and all internal parts, thus PREVENTING further buildup.

  13. FUEL WIZE LOWERS EMISSIONSandIMPROVES FUEL ECONOMY… When added to fuels it significantly reduces; • hydrocarbons (HC), • nitrogen oxides (NOx), • carbon monoxide (CO), • carbon dioxide (CO2), • particulate matter (PM), and • other harmful products produced by combustion. Fuel Wize is 99.99976% ashless upon combustion, leaving no harmful residues or pollutants in the environment. And by helping the fuel burn properly, it reduces fuel consumption up to 7-19%, thus, helping to save money and increase gas mileage.

  14. FUEL WIZE What does Fuel Wize actually do? • Fuel Wize is a two-purpose additive that cleans and lubricates the fuel and oil supply of any internal combustion engine. • Intake Stroke: This first part of the combustion engine draws a mixture of gasoline or diesel fuel and oxygen into the cylinder of the engine. This means that any impurities or sediment that aren’t caught by the fuel filter are also drawn into the cylinder, thus causing potential buildup of impurities inside the cylinder. • Compression Stroke: After the piston draws the mixture of fuel and oxygen into the cylinder, it then begins an upward stroke in preparation for the ignition of the fuel by the spark plug. This third stroke is where Fuel Wize really starts to work.

  15. FUEL WIZE What does Fuel Wize actually do? • Combustion Stroke: When the piston reaches the top of its compression stroke in engines the spark plug then ignites the fuel and the oxygen, thus causing the mixture to combust or explode, thus creating energy and friction. Fuel Wize works by mixing with the fuel and allowing a more “complete” burn of the fuel. When more fuel is burned, less is wasted in the engine exhaust. This means that your vehicle will get more miles per gallon by simply using the fuel it has more efficiently. This also reduces the toxic emissions released into the “ENVIRONMENT”. • Exhaust Stroke: After the cylinder is forced down during combustion, the remaining residue is expelled before the cycle starts all over again. Fuel Wize itself is great for the environment. It reduces your engines emissions more than 30%.

  16. FUEL WIZE Fuel Wize works, and it safe for the environment. • it is a mineral oil based product that includes man-made esters that are not harmful to our environment. • it is also no-toxic and non-hazardous. • It is also not a petrochemical.

  17. OMSTAR B-15X A product for Bunker fuel applications And it also works for Industrial Boilers. B-15X cleans and lubricates as Fuel Wize. Doesn't have any type of ingredient that cause harm, wear, or tear to the engine. Prolongs the life of the engine.

  18. OMSTAR B-15X How does B-15X work to Industrial Boilers? • Reduces the carbon buildup and increases the efficiency of the boiler. • Improves the transfer of heat through the pipes. • Decreases the peeling effect of the boiler. • Lowered the bunker encrustation around the burner.

  19. FUEL WIZE & OMSTAR B-15X CHARACTERISTICS • These unique products use a combination of high quality materials. • Which are non toxic. • They are a composition based on oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon molecules.

  20. Directions for Use Fuel Wize should be used in both the engine crank case as well as the fuel tank. For the first treatment • Be sure that the oil has been recently changed. • Add 1 oz. per quart of oil to the crank case. • Add 2 to 5 oz’s in the fuel. After the first treatment • Continue to add to engine as directed after each oil change. • Use 1 oz. per 10 gallons of fuel. Over treating will not harm.

  21. Estimated Calculations • Gallon 1 Gal = 1,280 Gallons of fuel. 5 Gal = 6,400 Gallons of fuel. 10 Gal = 12,800 Gallons of fuel. 55 Gal = 70,040 Gallons of fuel.

  22. TESTIMONIALS The City of Los Angeles ran tests of its own Fuel Wize The tests showed reductions of up to 86% in exhaust smoke opacity(the black smoke that comes out of diesel exhaust.) Data collected from tests performed by the California Air Research Board and the Environmental Protection Agencycertified laboratories confirmed that by mixing 1 oz per 10 gallons of fuel: Fuel Wize cut emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by an average of 5%, hydrocarbons (HC) by 39% and particulate matter (PM) by 26%, carbon monoxide (CO) by 27% and carbon dioxide (CO2) by 7%.

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  25. Arizona Emission Test(2002 Chevy, Duramax 6.1 Liter Diesel)

  26. Follow-Up Test

  27. Arizona Emission Test(2000 Chevy PU, 5.3 Liter Gas + Propane)

  28. Follow-Up Test

  29. Maintenance Recommendations (Current Sample Only)* VALUES NORMAL FOR THIS SAMPLE. RESAMPLE AT NORMAL INTERVAL.                                    Oil Analysis Report

  30. Navajo Shippers, Inc. Denver Co, Phoenix AZ Terminal Tractor # 2460 Kenworth / Cummins ISX 435 Driver: Marshall Wilson, 30 yrs veteran Over the Road Trucker. February 2007 Total Miles = 12,355 same route and weights. First 4 tanks of fuel = 5 oz. per 10 gallons of Fuel Wize, then 1 oz. per 10 gallons. 1 oz. per quart was used in the crankcase.

  31. Cont… Annual Fuel Savings

  32. Fuel Wize BENEFITS GUARANTEED • A 30% or greater reduction of toxic exhaust emissions. • A 7 to 20% increase in fuel mileage. • Extended engine life. • Improved (higher) cetane numbers. • Reduced maintenance costs. • Engine heat is reduction of up to 46%. • Environmentally safe.

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