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Pre-Pharmacy Society prepharm

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Pre-Pharmacy Society prepharm

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Pre-Pharmacy Society prepharm

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  1. Pre-Pharmacy Get on the ListServ...Join Our Facebook Group…Visit Our Website…CMNS Updates 3rdGENERAL BODY MEETING MARCH 26, 2012

  2. Pre-Pharmacy Society Office YES, we have an office! It is located in the Student Involvement Suite (SIS) of STAMP. Our office room is 0209F. Hours are as follows: Mon 1-2PM &2:30-4:30PM, Tues 1-2PM, and Thurs 1-2PM. We encourage you to come with any questions or comments about GBM and/or pharmacy related questions.

  3. Agenda • Welcome! Don’t forget to sign-in • Active Membership Requirements • Community Service Opportunities • PPS Executive Board Elections • Drug of the Week: Antimetabolites • Pharmaceutical Issue: Environmental Drug Contamination • Pharmacy Careers presented by • Pre-Pharmacy Society Executive Board

  4. Active Membership Requirements • 3 Meetings per semester • 3 Hours of Community Service per semester • Please do not wait until till the end of the semester to fulfill your community service hours • Exceptions will not be made

  5. Active Membership • *Requires 3 Hours of Community Service • On-Campus Community Service Events • 1 Hour of Community Service is granted • Off-Campus Community Service Events • 2 Hours of Community Service are granted • Don’t wait until the end of the semester for extra opportunities! • Questions? • Contact Community Service Co-Chairs • Lauren Biagotti [] – Off Campus Events • SahilSheth [] – On Campus Events

  6. Off-Campus Community Service Events

  7. Capitol Area Food BankWednesday, March 28th 2012 • Time: 6:30-8:30PM • 10 people may attend • We will be packing and sorting foods • Please wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes • Please bring money for the Metro • We will be meeting outside of Stamp by the ATM at 5:25 pm SHARP

  8. Relay for Life! April 21, 2012 5:00PM - 5:00AM at J.H. Kehoe Track & Ludwig Field, University of Maryland Minimum of $10.00, but you can donate more if you’d like!  Team Goal: $500.00 (We can do it!!) Counts as an ON-CAMPUS community service event- unlimited spots!

  9. Steps to Join Go to, go to GET INVOLVED then click on FIND EVENT. Type in the zip code for College Park (20742), and click SIGN-UP next to the event atUMD. Next, click JOIN a TEAM and then type in Pre-Pharmacy Society. Click again on Join our Team There is a $10.00 registration fee but it goes to the cause…the next steps are pretty self explanatory but e-mail me if you have any questions.

  10. Pre-Pharmacy Society Executive Board Elections Join Us! Join Us! Hear how our Personal Experience has lead us here, and why you should be interested!

  11. Pre-Pharmacy Society Executive Board Elections • I’m not really sure what position I might be interested in. For starters, what exactly does each executive board officer even do? How can I gain more insight into the responsibilities of a PPS Executive Board Officer? • Look on our webpage:→Click Heading ‘Executive Board’ →Description of Officer Responsibilities • Ask a current executive board officer!

  12. Pre-Pharmacy Society Executive Board Elections • Ask yourself: • Have I been an active member? • Do I see things in the Society I wish to improve? • Do I see myself as innovative? • Can and do I want to make the Society a priority? • Can I work well in a cooperative environment? • Am I ready to take the next step to be a leader? – If you answered YES, to these questions, you qualify!

  13. Pre-Pharmacy Society Executive Board Elections “PPS Executive Board Selection Week” • Mon, March 5th 2012: 5:30pm to 7:30pm – Margaret Brent B ← (Today) • Reveal Available Positions, Officer Responsibilities, & Application --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Thurs, March 15th 2012: 12:30-3:30pm, & 5pm to 7pm – Student Involvement Suite (Office 0209F) • Application Drop-Off & Scheduling of Interviews (Final Deadline. No Exceptions. Unless Early Scheduling is Specially Approved by Joe) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Tues, March 27th 2012 & Mon, April 2nd 2012: Time & Location TBA • Interviews (Individual Appointment Times) with Current E-Board ***Dress: Business Professional Attire (preferred) or Business Casual Attire*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • ~Wed, April 4th 2012: [~ @5pm] – Your Email Inbox • 2011-2012 PPS E-Board Announced Via Email • Special instructions go out to our new officers • New officers are expected to participate in Orientation Activities on Mondays as well as immediately transition into your newly appointed position

  14. Pre-Pharmacy Society Executive Board Elections • Available Positions: • Secretary (1) • Public Relations Co-Chair (2) • Community Service Co-Chair (2) • These areas and the number of positions are NOT FINAL. We will look at all applicants and then determine the best configuration for the executive board of officers. It is also possible for a new position to be created depending on special skills and interests. • What does each position do? • Look on our webpage:→Click Heading ‘Executive Board’ →Description of Officer Responsibilities • Ask a current executive board officer

  15. Drug of the Week Antimetabolites

  16. Introduction • Drugs used in cancer chemotherapy • Antitumor medication • Act as substitutes to actual metabolites (i.e. proteins, nucleic acids) involved in biosynthesis of DNA • Alter function of enzymes that are required for cell metabolism and protein synthesis

  17. How Antimetabolites Agents Work • Interfere with the formation of normal cellular metabolites by one of three ways: • Prevent formation of nucleic acids (for DNA) • Interfere with protein synthesis in the cell • Interfere with synthesis of cell wall, causing cell to break apart and die

  18. Cell Cycle Antimetabolites are most effective as antitumor medication during the S-phase of the cell cycle because they interfere with DNA synthesis, which is required for formation of new cells.

  19. Examples of Antimetabolites • Cytosar-U (cytarabine) • Adrucil (fluorouracil) • Methotrex (methotrexate) • Tabloid (thioguanine) • Purinethol (mercaptopurine)

  20. Side Effects Nausea Vomiting Fever Anorexia Bone marrow depression Jaundice

  21. Sources

  22. Pharmaceutical Issue Environmental Drug Contamination

  23. What’s the Problem? Hundreds of different active pharmaceutical compounds are being discovered in waterways all over the world. Concern is increasing about the harm these might be doing to human health and the environment.

  24. Preventing Harm Reduce the quantities of drugsprescribed; of those prescribed, choose the least environmentally-hazardous Take back unused drugsinstead of flushing them down the toilet or putting them in the bin Improve wastewater treatment methods Design and develop green drugs,which rapidly biodegrade in the environment into harmless compounds

  25. Green Chemistry Development of (pharmaceutical) products that uses minimal resources and energy, create minimum waste and produce minimal harmful by-products. The end goal of green chemistry is one-step disposal, where drugs are fully metabolized in the body and break down immediately in the environment to harmless compounds. Practicality?

  26. Green Prescription Habits Encourage patients to return unused medications to the pharmacy. Avoiding flushing estrogen patches down the toilet, since most of the estrogen remains in the patch after use. After being used inhalers can still contain active substance.

  27. Things to Consider What are some of the risks associated with this? How will this affect patients? Are you in favor of this?

  28. Sources:

  29. Pre-Pharmacy Society Proudly Presents… Pharmacy careers Exploring the Various Fields of Pharmacy!

  30. Operating Room Pharmacist

  31. Description • What do you need? • Ability to deal with emergency situations • Thorough knowledge of anesthesia and surgery medications • Basic understanding of the anesthesia machine and monitors • Ability to function as part of a multidisciplinary team • Willingness to learn on own

  32. Qualifications • What does it take? • Must have one or more of the following: Bachelor of Science (BS) in Pharmacy, Pharm.D. degree, significant clinical experience. • Active License as a pharmacist in the state of employment. • Experienced in unit dose and/or IV admixtures. • Hospital pharmacy experience, preferably in critical care setting.

  33. Where will you practice? • Hospitals (operating room pharmacy satellites) • The OR Pharmacist is a Senior pharmacist and is responsible to manage the OR Pharmacy Satellite operations in a cost effective manner, directing day-to-day operations, continuously improving services to meet customer needs. • The major job responsibilities of this position are: leadership, drug distribution, medication use management, and pharmacist liason activity. • Ambulatory surgicenters

  34. Salary Information • According to, the U.S. National Average for Operating Room pharmacists is $103,130. • The upper 90%: $117,417 • The lower 25%: $96,277 • Value of Benefits • Bonuses: $49,000 • Total Compensation: $152,000

  35. Sources

  36. Infectious Disease Pharmacist The battle against microbes

  37. Job Description • A typical infectious disease pharmacist works in a hospital with a team of other doctors managing the pharmacotherapy for patients with infectious diseases. • Ex: Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, different types of ammonias, and infectious complications resulting from cancer chemotherapy. • This type of pharmacist is on the frontline of identifying, containing, and treating infection throughout the world.

  38. Overview • Many microbes have developed resistance to currently available antibiotics, so it is important to have infectious disease pharmacists doing research to develop new drugs that these pathogens will be susceptible to. • In a hospital setting, an infectious disease pharmacist will go around and monitor the disease state of about 20-25 critically ill patients. • Select most effective drug(s) and dosage • Monitor any adverse affects • Changes in drug therapy based on patients progress

  39. Skills Needed Ability to work one-on-one with individual patients, pharmacists, physicians and other clinicians Ability to conduct general antimicrobial drug reviews and participate in the Development of antimicrobial drug use policies Research skills In-depth knowledge of antimicrobial pharmacology

  40. Job Settings Research settings Hospitals Universities Government Agencies (CDC)

  41. Military Pharmacist

  42. Overview 561 authorized pharmacist positions available in the uniformed services (Army, Navy, Air Force) “Even though the Navy initially paid less than an outside pharmacy position, its 30-day vacation policy, tax advantages and myriad opportunities made it look pretty good.” -Commander Brian Kerr (RPh, MS, MBA) Boosts marketability in civilian sector

  43. Is it for you? • Ability to handle a lot of responsibility early in your career • Desire for foreign travel and frequent moves • Desire to work in and out of a hospital setting • What’s it take? • A current, active license to practice pharmacy • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree • Completion of a personal interview and satisfactory physical exam • U.S. citizenship

  44. Air Force • 1 Pharmacist: 4.5 technicians- more time doing professional tasks • Take charge of a satellite pharmacy w/in a couple years of graduating school • Eligible for school loan repayment funds up to 50k/year and 30k sign-on bonus • Health Professions Scholarship Program- • covers expenses including tuition, books, fees, equipment, and student health insurance premium • Must serve 3 years active duty, as USAF captain

  45. Army Enter as captains with base salary ~50k Up to 110k load repayment, 30k sign on bonus Training with Industry is a graduate-level, non–degree-producing program designed to provide training in industrial procedures and practices not available through existing military or advanced school programs

  46. Navy Navy’s Health Services Collegiate Program (HSCP) allows students to enlist on active duty at full pay (up to 30k) and allowances while completing degree

  47. Sources

  48. Oncology Pharmacy

  49. What is Oncology Pharmacy? Oncology pharmacy specialists recommend, design, implement, monitor and modify pharmacotherapeutic plans to optimize outcomes in patients with malignant diseases. (Source: Board of Pharmacy Specialties)