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Apple Iphone Screen Repair

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Apple Iphone Screen Repair

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  1. Apple Iphone Screen Repair Guide

  2. Iphone Screen Replacement • Dropping your phone and cracking the screen can completely ruin your day. While most handsets aren't built to be repaired, with the right tools and a little know-how, you can fix many problems with your Iphone. • Tools Required for Apple Iphone Screen Repair: • P2 iPhone Pentalobe Screwdriver. • Phillips #000 Screwdriver. • 2.5 mm Flathead Screwdriver. • Plastic razor Tools. • Spudger tool. • SIM Card Eject Tool.

  3. Step 1: Rear Panel • Make sure that your device is Switched off. • Just checkout for the screws and remove two 3.6 mm Pentalobe or Phillips #000) screws next to the dock connector with screwdriver.

  4. Step 2: Remove Rear Panel • Push the rear panel gently with both thumbs toward top edge of the device. • Hold the sides of the rear panel tightly and lift it away from the device

  5. Step 3: iPhone 4 Battery removal • Now remove the single 2.5 mm Phillips screw, with the Phillips #000 screwdriver • Use the plastic razor tool to carefully remove the battery connector from its socket on the logic board. • Remove the metal clip and grab the plastic pull tab to carefully elevate your iPhone 4 battery out of the device. • Disconnect the contact chip.

  6. Step 4: Remove SIM Card • With the SIM card eject tool or any paperclip try to eject the SIM card as well as its holder

  7. Step 5: Dock connector cable cover • Use the Phillips #000 screwdriver to remove both the 1.2 mm Phillips screw as well as a 1.6 mm Phillips screw. • Now disconnect the thin steel dock connector cable cover from your smartphone.

  8. Step 6: Disconnect dock cable and antenna connector • Now with the plastic razor tool carefully disconnect the dock cable connector off from the logic board • peel off the dock ribbon cable from both the lower speaker enclosure as well as the logic board. • Now with the plastic razor tool, just disconnect the lower antenna connector off from its socket on the logic board.

  9. Step 7: Detach Other Screws • Use screwdriver to unscrew single 1.9 mm Phillips screw attaching the bottom of the logic board with the inner case. • Again remove the the five screws attaching the Wi-Fi antenna with the logic board.

  10. Step 8: Remove Wi-Fi antenna • With the help of the plastic razor tool carefully lift the Wi-Fi antenna’s top edge away from the logic board. • Disconnect Antenna from device.

  11. Step 9: Remove Rear Camera Connector • Use plastic razor to gently pull off the rear camera connector from socket • Remove the rear camera carefully

  12. Step 10: Disconnect all the connectors • Now with the help of the plastic razor tool’s flat edge, carefully disconnect all the connectors from their respective sockets on the logic board including the digitizer cable, LCD cable, headphone jack/volume button cable, top Microphone/sleep button cable, front camera cable etc.

  13. Step 11: Remove the speaker enclosure assembly • Remove tiny plastic brackets installed under the screw closest to the dock connector cable. • Remove the speaker enclosure assembly from the iPhone.

  14. Now again unscrew and remove all the three large 1.5 mm Phillips screws located along with the SIM card side of your device. • And again unscrew and remove the single 1.5 mm Phillips screw located near the rear camera.

  15. Step 12: Remove Old Display • Insert plastic razor tool flat edge in between the steel inner frame and the rubber bezel covered around the front glass panel. • Pull the front panel assembly’s upper edge away from the steel inner frame. • Keep on rotating the front panel assembly, till the adhesive gradually begins to peel off below the home button area. • Pull the front panel assembly lower edge away from the steel inner frame. Just remove the entire display assembly away from your device.

  16. Step 13: Instal New Display • Now instal the brand new Iphone 4 or Iphone 5 Screen to your device. • Repeat the above mentioned steps in the reverse order.

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