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End of Year Report PowerPoint Presentation
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End of Year Report

End of Year Report

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End of Year Report

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  1. End of Year Report Mike Potter

  2. What I’ve done NU:Life Writers given shown their work before it goes to print, more of an input into design. NU:TV Fundraising – NGT, Cake Sale 2nd Editorial Meeting at City – not at Coach Lane Student Council given own page in NU:Life Increased amount of GOAL Days Made links with NSR Links with Union and University – Viral Video Campaign, NSS Oversaw final stages of website rebranding Newsletter became NU:Life Online

  3. What I haven’t achieved Tweetwall in Union (we have one in Reds) Make links with Team Northumbria Utilised plasma screens (new screen sizes make it difficult to play longer videos) Q&A Session with Sabbs (ongoing part of Council Review to bring in for next year)

  4. Balanced Scorecard – Trustee: • Need to do more • Did not need to submit papers for what I wanted to achieve • Did not have pre-meetings because confidence of finances improved

  5. Need to focus more on not just telling people we know • Increased presence with Sabb Campaign, nu:life and Student Council noticeboard • More GOAL Days than last year although probably less students. Need to councillors to buy into them more next year.

  6. NU:Life Online launched in March • Over 10 Northumbria volunteers on NSR, still working with Northumbria NSR Representative for next year • Voting system implemented

  7. 23 Sabbatical Candidates (only 2 each for 2 positions) 2 International Students, 2 Coach Lane Students running for Sabbatical Positions • More support given to NUTV Committee/Enhanced Roles for NU:Life Writers • Coach Lane Action Plan: Some Delivered (networking sessions), some ongoing (Day in the life of a Placement Student), some not delivered (International Nursing Day)

  8. Things that I didn’t plan but did • #Demo12 • Sitting on a Spotlight Editorial Board • Helping to get a record number of candidates in both November and March Elections • Helping to form the Union’s Big Ideas for the following year • Went to NUS Conference • Supporting a NU:Life Team – one of which went on to win ‘Best Feature’ at the Student Publication Awards • Had the Chair of the University Board of Governors on a GOAL Day • Been a Coach Lane Leader officer and chaired the Coach Lane Action Group • Changed voting system at Council • Took writers on journalism masterclass • Periodic Review for Negotiated and Work Based Learning • Sat on subcommittees: Review, Pre-entry, NSS Steering Group • Supported NUTV to create new fiction production team • Gained opportunities for NUTV to create graduation film and NSS video

  9. Thanks Any questions?