home appliance repairer n.
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Home Appliance Repairer

Home Appliance Repairer

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Home Appliance Repairer

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  1. Home Appliance Repairer Billy Brantley Jr.

  2. The Home Appliance Repairer would travel to the costumers house or where they need their appliances repaired.

  3. You would need a high school diploma • Modern-term on–job-training Education/Training

  4. $34,730 per year or $16.70 per hour Salary

  5. Bookkeeping skills. Home appliance repairers must be able to keep accurate records of hours worked, parts used, and bills collected. This is especially true for self-employed technicians. • Communication skills. Home appliance repairers need to explain complicated mechanical processes to people who have little or no technical knowledge. • Customer-service skills. Most home appliance repairers work in customers’ homes, so it is important that they are friendly and polite. • Dexterity. Home appliance repairers need a steady hand and good hand-eye coordination for many of their tasks, such as repairing small devices, connecting or attaching components, and using hand tools. • Technical skills. Home appliance repairers use sophisticated diagnostic equipment when working on complex appliances. They must be familiar with both appliances’ internal parts and the appropriate tools needed to install or fix them. • Troubleshooting skills. As appliances become more intricate, malfunctions become more difficult to identify. Home appliance repairers must be able to find and solve problems that may not be immediately apparent. Attributes and Abilities

  6. The employment of home appliance repairers is expected to grow 7 percent from 2010 to 2020, slower than the average for all occupations. • Demand for workers will be driven by an increasing number of appliances being used in homes. The decision to repair an appliance often depends on the price to replace the appliance versus the cost to repair it. So although higher-priced appliances are more likely to be repaired, small and cheaper appliances are increasingly being discarded. With sales of high-end appliances growing, demand for major appliance repairers will be strong in the coming decade, but weaker for those who specialize in small, portable appliances. Job Outlook

  7. Travel to a customer's house • Be polite to a customer • Average out prices • Travel to customers’ homes • Install home appliances • Connect major appliances to water, gas, or electrical lines • Inspect equipment that is not working • Estimate repair or replacement costs Duties of a Home Appliance Repair

  8. Repair or replace broken parts • Instruct customers on how to use appliances • Bill and collect payment from customers Duties cont’d….

  9. Occupational Outlook Handbook. Thursday, March 29,2012. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bibliography