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So..... What exactly is Mardi Gras? By the 9-12 students! PowerPoint Presentation
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So..... What exactly is Mardi Gras? By the 9-12 students!

So..... What exactly is Mardi Gras? By the 9-12 students!

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So..... What exactly is Mardi Gras? By the 9-12 students!

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  1. So..... What exactly is Mardi Gras? By the 9-12 students!

  2. Le carnaval de Mardi Gras... Mardi Gras is a time when people parade in the streets on float representing a theme. Thousand of people gather in the street to whatch the parade. Information courtesy of Erik and Grant F Mardi gras is a time when People parade in the street, wear costumes and masks and eat, donuts. It is celebrated all over Europe, south America, and North America. The French tradition was brought to the United States in the 19th century after Napoleon sold Louisiana to the America. Background information courtesy of: Enaas, Deirdre, Bella.

  3. Making Masks: In the 18th century, French peasants wore masks while delivering food to the royalty. Since there were many social level layers, people did not want others to know what they’d bring to the king. They were wearing masks To protect their identity. Information courtesy of Tyler McGarvey and Jacob Farabaugh

  4. Parading with our Buddies: People paraded because in the 18th century, the French people walked towards the palace to deliver food to the King and Queen. Eventually, the tradition became just parading. The whole community celebrated Mardi Gras by parading around the school wearing homemade masks. Parade information courtesy of Michael Lober and Ethan low.

  5. Eating Donuts: In the 18th century people use to get rid of their food the day before lent. There was no fridge back then, so They would get in the street and bake donuts or crepes with flour, oil, milk and eggs so their food would not spoil during lent. That is why people still eat donuts nowdays. Food information courtesy of Margot, Lillie and Becky.

  6. Interesting Facts about Mardi gras Here are some interesting facts about the famous French festival, Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras originated in France as the day before Lent. Carnival is a latin word meaning ‘Taking Meat Away’. Mardi Gras was a time to use up ingredients that spoiled during Lent, a 40-day fasting period that ends on Easter Sunday. Courtesy of Hagan and Emma. In France, The city of Nice hosts the biggest Carnaval. In South America, Rio de Janeiro is hosting the biggest carnaval in the world. In the United States, New-Orleans is hosting the biggest Carnaval. All three last for a week. Courtesy of Bobby J and Jake L

  7. We all had fun on Mardi Gras! Every year at Wilmington Montessori we celebrate Mardi Gras in the exact same way that we would if we would be Students in France! Each year we are learning and understanding more and more about the reasons why Mardi Gras is celebrated. This year we shared what we’ve learned with youngest students around the school. We sure hope you liked our presentation! Courtesy of all the 9-12 students. For more pictures of your child check your E-mail, we have sent you a picassa album with 186 pictures of the WMS Mardi Gras celebration. Enjoy!