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  1. Backdrop Closing the communication gap • BTC was the sole telecommunications provider till 1996. • Parliament established a regulatory body in 1996. • Botswana Telecommunications Authority issued mobile licenses (2) and ISP licenses in the following year. • The Act allowed the incumbent operator to compete in the competitive services by setting up a separate subsidiary.

  2. Backdropcontd. Closing the communication gap • BTC in compliance, set up a subsidiary called Botsnet to provide retail Internet services to the customers of Botswana and outside Botswana.

  3. BTC Internet Strategy Closing the communication gap • BTC , as a Telco also decided that IP as a technology should be a part of the BTC ‘s product portfolio. • To achieve the same, BTC now offers Corporate Internet Services with a focus on internet infrastructure provision (an ISP’s ISP)

  4. BTC’s Strengths Closing the communication gap • the best infrastructure available. • traffic can be carried all across Botswana on dedicated IP backbone either on ATM or Frame Relay • largest team of skilled telecom and IT professionals • Ability to negotiate attractive bandwidth rates and can consolidate traffic • can exchange traffic with other ISP’s and also look into offering future IP backbone services

  5. BTC ‘s Current and Future Network Closing the communication gap

  6. Closing the communication gap

  7. Closing the communication gap

  8. Current BTC offerings Closing the communication gap • Point of Presence Services • Corporate Internet Access ( multiple grade of services) • Server farms • Bandwidth provision for ISP’s • DNS registration and maintenance • Online bandwidth monitoring BTC has quadrupled the capacity in the last 1 year and currently is at 6 Mb

  9. Future Internet Services Closing the communication gap • End to end managed internet access • Virtual Private Networks • Voice over IP • E-commerce gateway • Extension of server farms and bulk web hosting facilities • POP’s outside Botswana • Online DNS registration • Online billing

  10. Role of PTO – BTC’s Understanding Closing the communication gap • The technology is changing towards IP. • Telco’s have to follow the same trend. • Also it will jeopardize the existing revenue stream which are primarily from voice, shifting towards data in the last few years. • All voice and data infrastructure will be a dead weight as the cost of carrying the same is significantly less on IP, which reduces the barrier to entry for the new operators.

  11. Role of PTO – BTC’s Understanding contd.. Closing the communication gap • Lastly, the suppliers are converging and making a single platform to deliver all services resulting in high costs of maintaining existing different platforms.

  12. Botswana Issues Closing the communication gap • ISP’s can use any technologies to connect to the internet and create own infrastructure. • BTC can thus compete in this market and can offer any infrastructure services. • BTC also feels that the national resources are not being utilized prudently. • The ISP licensee is not allowed to use VOIP.

  13. Botswana Issues contd.. Closing the communication gap • Regulators are unable to control the same and normally doesn’t have resources to manage the same. • Implementation of inconsistent policies or policies devised without taking the incumbent operator point of view, are difficult to implement. • The internet market is not separate and has to be looked together with data and voice market.

  14. Botswana Issues contd.. Closing the communication gap • The ISP’s are up in arms against launching BTC’s internet company, Botsnet. • BTC ensured not to favor the ISP and kept an arm’s length distance with the same. • ISP’s still complained without proving the same. • The economic background changed when international ISP’s started looking at Botswana market, with an eye to provide all the data / IP / VAS services.

  15. Achievements Closing the communication gap • 6 Mbps internet bandwidth and increasing it further by 8 Mbps capacity. • increased efficiency on internet as most of it is directly to USA and not to SA. • competitive rates comparative to the neighboring countries. • BTC is looking towards setting up Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) facility to enable integration on a single platform.

  16. EDIcontd.. Closing the communication gap Closed Communities Service Providers SMTP/ MIME X.400 Fax

  17. Closing the communication gap Thank You