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Question 2

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Question 2

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  1. Question 2 How does your media product represent particular social groups?

  2. Definition of representation: representation refers to the construction of a medium particularly mass media of features of ‘reality’ through the use of people, places, language cultures and others. • Throughout the duration of this project I have come to realise that each institution targets a specific and set audience, in my case I choose to create an R&B genre music magazine, making my target audience range from the ages of 16-24 at a socioeconomic class ofC2-E the ways in which my magazine represents this target audience is through these key factors: • Photography • Textual content • The design construction

  3. Photography • The artist I picked for my double page spread and front cover was ‘trey Songz’ a popular R&B artist, I chose a model that had similar physical characteristics, here you can see that my model is topless as is ‘trey Songz ’I told him to give me an aggressive and strong pose, which appeals to my male readers as they may aspire to be like him or aspire to have a body like his. This pose and composition does attract a lot of feminine readers mainly because he is a topless male, and songz has a largely female fan base.

  4. Textual Content • The language used in my article is formal and intellectual however there are hints of language that readers of my magazine may relate to such as the use of slang and harsh language, I chose to do this so that my audience could relate to the text and keep them wanting to read on. Also I made sure the proportion of text to imagery was at a balance and wasn’t just overwhelmed with texts putting audience members off. Artists: R-TISTZ

  5. Design Construction • The main artists featured on my cover lines are male artist, ranging from Rap to R&B artists, which targets a more male dominant audience however the use of trey songz on the front cover appeals to a more female audience so there is a balance. • Urban R-titz is more leaning to an audience of males however it is still very much relatable to women R&B fans which is why I have chosen use a black, white and red colour scheme because there mutual to both males and females and don’t represent either or as opposed to colours such as pink and blue, typical colours related with distinguishing a male from a female.