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Baby Clothing Trends In 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Baby Clothing Trends In 2018

Baby Clothing Trends In 2018

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Baby Clothing Trends In 2018

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  1. Baby Clothing Trends In 2018 Fashion trends are not only for adults, they are equally important for baby and toddler apparel. One of the biggest problems that parents face while dressing up their kids is whether their clothes are appropriate for the weather as the little ones catch colds or overheat pretty fast and so, need to be dressed accordingly. Dressing your baby is not just about fashionable baby clothes but comfort as well. To make this task easier for parents, here is a compilation of some of the best clothing trends of the year so that you can dress your kids as the stars of all seasons! 1. Infant Bodysuits Infant bodysuits are a popular choice of clothing for newborns as they are comfortable and adjust well on your baby. The best part about having such a clothing piece is that they are manageable and can be easily changed anytime and anywhere. Also, they are ideal while travelling and are available in a huge variety of designs which leaves you with a plethora of choices for your little one. 2. Embellished shoes Shoes with faux glitter designs are catching on and are amongst the most fashionable designs for girls footwear. Also, keep an eye out for shoes with bow buckles, pearl embellished bellies, and slippers that have rosettes and ribbons. These serve well if you take your baby with you to a get-together. You just need to pair these with lacy frocks and your baby is ready to shine! 3. Rompers Rompers always steal the show when it comes to adults’ fashion, but they are currently trending in the baby clothing industry as well. This one-piece dress has buttons on the inseams and is extremely comfortable to wear. As these are made in washable and soft fabrics, they are manageable and can be changed easily. Apart from this, they can be worn by both boys and girls which is why they are immensely preferred worldwide. This trend of rompers is here to stay for a long time as even leading designers are experimenting with the latest looks and putting out multiple new pieces every season. 4. Layered clothes Layered clothes are both fashionable and functional. For boys, look out for buttoned top for the inners and top it with a hooded sweatshirt or toggle cardigan. When it comes to girls, choose floral print or embellished cardigans that can be worn over a tee-shirt or a frock. 5. Accessories Accessories are important to attain an overall stylish outlook and to make sure that your baby looks like a million bucks, so make sure you pick accessories that will go well with their outfits. You can buy hair bands, hats, bow ties, etc., depending on how much the baby feels comfortable in them. 6. Graphic and coloured tees

  2. Choose vibrant colours such as blues, cherry reds and raspberry pinks or you can pick colours like greens and oranges for your adventurous kids. On the other hand, khaki and dune colours offer a neutral effect to the outfit. The trend of graphic tees is peaking and some of the big clothing brands have hyped this trend to the next level. Pick up prints with cartoons and fun quotes to make your baby look cool. With so many trends and ideas to choose from, you can now dress up your little one like they are born to be stylish because they are. Happy Shopping!