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Pertemuan 13 Trend Perkembangan e-bisnis

Pertemuan 13 Trend Perkembangan e-bisnis. Matakuliah : H0292 / E-Business Tahun : 2005 Versi : v0 / Revisi 1. Learning Outcomes. Pada akhir pertemuan ini, diharapkan mahasiswa akan mampu : Menunjukkan peranan e-bisnis dalam perkembangan di masa depan. Outline Materi.

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Pertemuan 13 Trend Perkembangan e-bisnis

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  1. Pertemuan 13Trend Perkembangan e-bisnis Matakuliah : H0292 / E-Business Tahun : 2005 Versi : v0 / Revisi 1

  2. Learning Outcomes Pada akhir pertemuan ini, diharapkan mahasiswa akan mampu : • Menunjukkan peranan e-bisnis dalam perkembangan di masa depan

  3. Outline Materi • Arah Perkembangan masa depan • Pemakaian Internet • Trend Teknologi • Research in e-business / e-commerce • Dampak Sosial Penerapan e-bisnis • Presentasi Kelompok

  4. Arah Perkembangan masa depan :Pemakaian Internet • Internet Usage— increase exponentially; access via cellphones! • Opportunities for Buying— increase rapidly • Purchasing Incentives— increase buyers’ advantages • Increased Security and Trust— significant improvement • Efficient Information Handing— accessible from anywhere • Innovative Organizations— restructured and reengineered • Virtual Communities— spreading rapidly • Payment Systems— ability to use e-cash cards and make micropayments is getting close to reality • Business-to-Business— continues to grow rapidly

  5. Arah Perkembangan masa depan :Trend Teknologi • Technology Trends • Clients • thin client and embedded client • Servers • Windows NT • Networks • xDSL and wireless communication • EC software and services • availability of all types of EC software • companies support auctions and multiple types of certifications • EC knowledge • the quantity and quality of EC knowledge is increasing rapidly

  6. Arah Perkembangan masa depan :Research in Electronic Commerce • Behavioral Issues • Consumer behavior • Building consumers behavioral profiles and identify ways to utilize them • Seller’s behavior and motivation • Issue-oriented research (e.g., trust, intermediaries) • Internet usage pattern and willingness to buy • Mental model of consumer product search process, comparison process, and negotiation • How to build trust in the marketspace

  7. Research in Electronic Commerce (cont.) • Technical Issues • Methods that help customers find what they want • Models for extranet design and management • Natural language processing and automatic language translation • Matching smart card technology with payment mechanisms • Integrating EC with existing corporate information systems, databases, etc. • Retrieval of information from an electronic industry directory • Establishing standards for international trade • Building a mobile Internet distribution command system

  8. Dampak Sosial Penerapan e-bisnis Success Factors for Small Businesses • Niche products • Small volume • Capital investment must be small • Inventory should be minimal or non-existent • Electronic payments schema exist • Payment methods must be flexible • Logistical services must be quick and reliable • The Web site should be submitted to directory-based search engine services like Yahoo in a correct way • Join an online service or mall and do banner exchange • Design a Web site that is functional and provides all needed services to consumers • International products • Information

  9. Dampak Sosial Penerapan e-bisnis The Risks and Disadvantages for Small Businesses • Inability to use EDI, unless it is EDI/Internet • Lack of resources to fully exploit the Web • Lack of expertise in legal issues, advertisement • Less risk tolerance than a large company • Disadvantage when a commodity is the product (for example, CDs) • No more personal contact which is a strong point of a small business • No advantage being in a local community

  10. Presentasi Kelompok • Usulan Penerapan e-bisnis di Indonesia

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