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Shine hair studio Hair It ppt PowerPoint Presentation
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Shine hair studio Hair It ppt

Shine hair studio Hair It ppt

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Shine hair studio Hair It ppt

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  1. Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  2. Hair Build Fibers- Hair-ITShinehairstudio

  3. About Us: Shine Hair Studio is one of the best hair studios in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Each one of our hair stylists are trained for an incredible hair service from replacement, transplantation, extensions to hair wefting. We are dedicated to providing you the highest quality service, hair styling, and other services. Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  4. Our Logo Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  5. What Is Hair Build Fibers? Hair fibers are very powerful in camouflaging hair loss. The hair fibers are made of the same protein as real hair: keratin. These hair fibers adhere in your present hair, growing a fuller look and bald spots could be hidden. Hair fibers are consequently often called hair camouflage or hair concealed. Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  6. This Is How It Look Like Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  7. Simple Sample Image Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  8. Uses Of Hair Build Fibers. Using hair fibers will right now improve the appearance of the thinning hair, but it takes a few exercise to fashion the hair properly and to make the thinner spots seem fuller the usage of the hair fibers. With the subsequent you'll get the maximum out of the hair fibers! Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  9. Tip 1. Apply Hair Build Fibers to Dry Hair The hair fibers adhere to the present hair via static energy. For foremost adhesion to the hair, it is advised to use the hair fibers while the hair is absolutely dry. Moreover, the fibers may also end up lumpy while implemented to wet hair. When you want to use gel, follow it before using the hair fibers, style the hair and let the gel dry up well. Gel makes it tougher for the hair fibers to stick properly. Gel makes the hairs stick collectively, making less hair to be had for the hair fibers For quality outcomes, the usage of a gel is consequently no longer really helpful. For higher adhesion and fixation of the hair, we advise applying fiber hold spray. The spray binds the hair fibers to the hair, without them being wiped off while applying. Moreover, the spray will fixate the hair, supporting to hold the styling. Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  10. Dry Hair Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  11. Tip 2. Choose The Proper Colour Hair fibers are in 9 herbal colors. Choose the coloration that suits your hair coloration excellent. To approach your hair color even higher, you could additionally mix 2 shades. Do you have got dark blond hair? Try the colors medium blond and light brown and integrate those Apply the colors one after the other, first the dark coloration as a base, accompanied by using the lighter shade. This way, you will reap the pleasant end result. Computer monitors may additionally distort the color tones. Therefore you have to make certain that the computer has the right color settings so you can choose the right coloration. Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  12. Different Colors Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  13. Tip 3. Apply the Right Amount For natural searching effects, it is recommended to now not follow too many hair fibers. A small account is generally enough to give an excellent effect. If you observe too many, it can begin looking unnatural. How many fibers are necessary is personal and depends on your choices, hair condition, coloration and so forth. Finding the right quantity to apply calls for some experience, endurance, and exercise. It is less difficult to achieve a herbal end result by way of the usage of fewer fibers instead of an extra. That's why you have to start with small quantities and then proceed to test with applying hair fibers when you desire a more potent effect. Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  14. Also, you have to ideally practice the hair fibers in layers, in several 'stages', in preference to applying plenty in a single go. Apply a layer, pat together with your palms onto the hair to spread out the fibers or brush the hair very gently and superficially with a rough brush. Determine whether you'll want more fibers after which possibly follow a few greater. Repeat this until you are happy with the end result. Optionally, the fibers may be fixated in along with the aid of using fiber preserve spray for added strong adhesion. To ensure that the spray is completely dry earlier than making use of the subsequent 'layer'. Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  15. How To Apply? Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  16. Tip 4: Use The Hair Fiber Applicator The hair fiber applicator is a totally convenient accessory when using keratin hair fibers. It is a tool that can be connected to a bottle of hair fibers. The applicator makes positive the hair fibers may be implemented greater precisely onto the thinning regions. It additionally makes it less difficult to disperse the fibers uniformly. Therefore, the applicator gives an extra natural appearance and, further, affords an extra least expensive use. Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  17. The applicator fits each the 12 grams and 28 grams size hair fiber bottles. When you use the applicator to apply the hair fibers, we propose you to shake the bottle of hair fibers often. This way the hair fibers retain their unfastened structure and can be higher spread via the applicator. Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  18. Hair Fiber Applicator Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  19. Tip 5: Wash your hair with a Hair Grow Shampoo and/or Thickening Shampoo Healthy hair of your personality is of the route the basis for applying hair fibers. That is why it's far vital to scrub your hair with an effective shampoo. And that isn't always all, it nourishes your hair, cares for your hair and might stimulate hair growth. For the nice viable end result, use both a nourishing shampoo and a thickening shampoo. You will notice that your hair will begin looking higher and fuller and in the end, you may need to apply much fewer hair fibers to camouflage the hair loss. Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  20. Try Using These Shampoos Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  21. Call Us Right Now To Book This Hair Product Our Details • Telephone: +91 9703320222 • Mobile phone: +91 8099620222 • 6-3-354/2/1, Beside Himalaya Book World, Panjagutta, Hyderabad, Telangana 500082 • Visit Our Site: Shine Hair Studio Visit: Call Us : 8099620222

  22. Visit: Call Us : 8099620222