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    1. ROUNDERS Cognitive Assessment Results

    2. Exam Results

    3. Rounders Test Multiple Choice Directions: Read each question carefully. Circle the letter of the correct answer. (4 Points each) 1. What is the most appropriate ball to use while playing Rounders? A. Beach ball B. Basketball C. Soccer ball D. Gator ball 2. What is the most appropriate equipment to strike the ball with? A. Bat B. Hand C. Javelin D. Rhythm stick 3. What year was Rounders nationally recognized in Ireland? A. 1565 B. 1644 C. 1733 D. 1844 4. Which of the following equipment is NOT used in Rounders? A. Bat B. Gator ball C. Volleyball net D. Poles

    4. 5.What sports are thought to have evolved from Rounders? A. Baseball, Softball B. Basketball, Football C. Water Polo, Polo D. Tennis, Badminton 6. What is the result of a batter hitting the ball and the fielding team catching it in the air? A. Home run B. Double C. Out D. Double Play 7. How many throws per batter does the fielding team get to knock the ball off the cone? A. 1 B. 3 C. 8 D. 12 8. What is the appropriate way to react to the referee making a call? A. Complain about the call B. Throw the ball in anger C. Argue D. None of the above

    5. 9. Once the batter is out, he/she must A. Guard the ball B. Bat again C. Pinch run D. Sit out until their team becomes the fielding team 10.The fielding team may A. Catch the ball off one bounce to record an out B. Throw the ball at the runner while they are on a base C. Throw the ball 10 times to try to knock the ball off the cone D. Catch the ball after is bounces 2 times to record an out True/False Directions: Read each question carefully. Circle either True or False for the correct answer. (4 Points each) 11. Two players may bat at the same time. True False 12. The pitcher must stand on the poly-spot to pitch the ball. True False 13. The fielding team MUST tag the runner with the ball to record an out. True False 14. The runner can stay at the same base without advancing for 3 batters. True False 15. The fielding team may record an out by hitting the runner with the ball while they are not on base. True False

    6. 16. The runners MUST stop at every base before being able to record a run. True False 17. The fielding team may attempt to knock the ball off the cone once per batter. True False 18.The batting team may protect the ball on the cone while the fielding team tries to knock it off. True False 19.The batting team may hit the ball backwards and it is in play. True False 20. Encouragement is very appropriate for students to use while playing Rounders. True False Matching Directions: Write the letter of the correct term in the blank. 21. __A__ Record outs by catching the ball in the air. A. Fielding Team 22. __B__ Score runs by going around all bases and reaching home. 23. __B__ Protects the ball on the cone. B. Batting Team 24. __A__Tries to knock the ball off the cone. 25. __A__ Pitches the ball to the batter

    7. Distribution of Answers

    8. Distribution of Answers Cont.

    9. Missed Questions

    10. Analysis of Test Scores

    11. Corrections to test Put a title on the test Reworded question #3 because it didnt match up with the study guide Changed directions for the matching portion of the test