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Boat Repair Melbourne

Boat Repair Melbourne

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Boat Repair Melbourne

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  1. Boat Repair Melbourne We can help with all of the necessary boat repairs or servicing demands from modest fiberglass repairs to major motor overhauls. We have the expertise and know-how to ensure all of your yacht servicing are finished to industry specifications and in a timely way. Boat Repair Melbourne can supply all your boat accessories and parts saving you time and expense.

  2. About Us Customers experience the proven fact that their yacht is in experienced hands and that the job is completed efficiently to their demands.Focusing on repairs, we now have extended our services to provide design and mold building, and the boats are creating, and also typical fiberglass repair and manufacturing. We offer the best standard of craftsmanship in all aspects of our work utilizing a necessary expertise along with a desire for performing the things we do best.

  3. OUR SERVICES Fibreglass Boat Repairs Melbourne When considering fiberglass boat servicing, it will take focus in depth and to perform boat maintenance and could be very expensive to owners. Electrical Maintenance When you’re on the sea, your top basic safety concern has to be the longevity of your motor. A trusted yacht motor is essential to a relaxed day on the water. Aluminum & Steel Boat Servicing Aluminum or steel boat jobs need a professional work that requires an expert mechanic. Aluminum boats could be prone to electrolysis, and appropriate examination needs to take place when buying a second-hand aluminum boat.

  4. Contact Us Boat Repair Melbourne U0917B/2 Salmon St Port Melbourne VIC 3207 (03) 9021 3723