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Chat and messaging apps

If you actually do prefer to use SMS and MMS even in this day and age, then you'll be better off reading this Presentation on SMS messaging apps instead.

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Chat and messaging apps

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  1. Messaging apps are about to transform Marketing

  2. Introduction • Traditional marketing leveraged product placement to build brand awareness. • Messaging apps are the new trend in transforming marketing. • These apps have evolved as a digital platforms that let brands handle their e-commerce, advertising and customer service via messaging platform. • Today messaging apps are used to let people communicate, share, view, play and learn in a convenient and personal way. • Messaging apps encourage customers to engage with a brand, by being more collaborative and conversational.

  3. Different Messaging Apps

  4. Reasons for Popularity • Conversation: They allow customers to discuss, interact, ask questions and engage with brand. • Learning: With each interaction between brand sending messages and customers, the company can continuously improve its general strategy. • Extreme Targeting: It is a step towards knowing exactly what the customers wants, need and will react to. • Automation: Company will get opportunity to set up entirely automated processes through chatbots and messaging applications. • 24/7 Service: A well coded chatbots stays 24/7 alert and responsive.

  5. Rise of Messaging Apps and Power of Platforms • 6 out of top 10 used mobile apps are messaging apps according to Quettra- research firm. • About 1.48 billion messaging app users are in China alone, a 2013 report. • A research by Deloitte in 2014 claims that UK witnessed about 300 billion messages sent via messaging apps. • WhatsApp user base increased to 1 billion turning in world leader claiming 109 countries or 55.6% of the world. • WeChat is used by more than 650 million users in China. • Facebook Messenger covers 800 million users.

  6. How to get maximum benefits from messaging apps? • Make the apps personal, not only personalized: At the dawn of digital age, let customers have personal conversations with brands on their smartphones, positioning the brand as a personal assets. • Humanize: Brands can connect with the customers by delivering the benefits of both online and offline experience. • Hold Conversations: These apps can be used to have customer conversation to drive product purchase and build loyal relationships. • Convert Customers to Participants: These apps can be used for brand awareness by allowing marketers to share brand information and experience through conversational engagement.

  7. Conclusion • Before you dive into the world of mobile messaging apps, ask yourself one question: “Could I Use Text For That”? • Free messaging internationally, group chats, multimedia content, video calls are some of the features of messaging apps which make their future sound.

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