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Know Your Futon Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Know Your Futon Solutions

Know Your Futon Solutions

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Know Your Futon Solutions

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  1. FUTONS Know your Futon solutions

  2. Contents Introduction The advantages of futons Different types of futons Thankyou!

  3. Introduction The futon is among the more flexible pieces of furniture one can keep in the home. They allow you a place to sit, and – in a pinch – a comfortable place to sleep. The futon can trace its origins back to Japan and consists of a thin mattress surrounded by fabric and stuffed with cotton. The design of the Japanese futon allows space to be saved; during the day, a futon is folded away in storage. During the night, they can be unfurled and slept upon. This means that the floor-space which might otherwise be wasted by a bed can be freed-up for other things. But it also served a more necessary function. Traditionally, futons are laid out over tahami style flooring, which consists of a series of mats, placed against one another. While today these mats are more likely to be made from synthetic materials, traditional tahami flooring is made from straw. This meant that covering up the mats permanently would suffocate them, causing discoloration. For this reason, a more mobile solution was called for – one which would allow the floor to breathe during the day. In the west, the futon is a different beast. It consists not just of a single, foldable mattress, but of an entire frame, made from either wood or metal, which holds a mattress inside. During the daytime, the futon can be used as a comfortable seat. When it is time to sleep, the futon can be rolled out and slept upon. In this respect, the western futon is akin to a more elegant version of the sofa-bed. 01

  4. Different types of futons The modern futon comes in several different varieties. Some of them are designed to double as items of furniture; others simply fold down in order to economise on space. Let’s take a look at some of them: A roll-up mattress is exactly as its name suggests – a thin futon which can be rolled up for easy storage and transportation. It even comes with a set of handles, allowing you to conveniently take it wherever you so please. A complete futon consists of a frame, along with a mattress to slot within it. This is the longstanding classic futon which can serve both as a sofa and as a bed. The foam cube consists of a three- section futon which can be folded down to serve as a cushion. It is a close cousin of the chair bed, whose folded form includes a backrest for added support while sitting. 02

  5. What are the advantages of a futon? Now that we have an understanding of exactly what a futon is, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why they might fit so nicely into a home. They allow you to accommodate extra guests They allow you to sleep comfortably on the move They save space Of course, you could achieve this end by simply keeping a camp bed on standby. But such a thing is typically a fairly sizeable, cumbersome object. A futon, by contrast, is a much more elegant beast. If you’ve elected for the sort of futon that exists normally as a piece of furniture, then no more space need be consumed in your storage cupboard. But even the folding variety will take up barely any extra room. You’ll therefore be able to summon an extra bed when needed without having to make room in your house for a large, cumbersome foldable bed. There are a few situations in life when your household might be expected to hold a few extra people. Perhaps you have friends coming over from out of town; perhaps your children want to host a sleepover; perhaps it’s fallen you to host this year’s Christmas family gathering. Whatever the reason behind the arrival of these extra bodies, a futon will help you to accommodate them – simply unfold the futon when you’re ready to retire for the evening, and you’re ready to go! If you’ve ever had to spend time sleeping on a hard floor – or on a sofa that isn’t quite long enough – then you’ll appreciate the advantages a foldable futon might afford you on the road. This way, when you’re staying around at a friend’s house, you won’t need to worry about the sleeping arrangements: you’ll have a comfortable, portable solution to call upon even if they don’t. If you’re out on a camping trip – perhaps at an upcoming festival this year – then the extra comfort a foldable futon can provide will be all the more welcome. 03

  6. Thank You ADDRESS: ADDRESS: EMAIL: EMAIL: PHONE: PHONE: 0121 359 4733 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm) If calling from outside of the United Kingdom please dial 00 44 121 359 4733 - Shopisfy Ltd. 7 St. James Place Nechells Birmingham B7 4JE United Kingdom 04