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Computer and Internet PowerPoint Presentation
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Computer and Internet

Computer and Internet

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Computer and Internet

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  1. Computer and Internet Section A Dialogues Directions: Listen to the following dialogues and repeat after the recording. Then role-play them with your partner.

  2. Sounds Great A: Peter, since you travel frequently, you must get one of these notebook computers. It can easily fit into your briefcase. B: What can I use it for besides playing those silly games. A: You can use it for a great number of things. To name a few, it can display messages and schedules, let you read and send e-mail and faxes, and monitor weather and stock reports. At a meeting, you may use it to take notes, browse information, and if you’re bored, choose among hundreds of easy-to-call-up photos of your kids.

  3. B: Sound great! A:It’s great. Your notebook can connect you to the information highway while you travel a real highway, and tell you exactly where you are anyplace on the face of the earth. The computer’s color maps will overlay your location with whatever kinds of information you desire – road and weather conditions, scenic spots, even fast food places. B:Hmmm. I might also ask “where the nearest Chinese restaurant that is still open?” well, you’ve talked me into it. Let’s use your notebook to contact a computer store and have them ship one to me right away.

  4. Shopping Online A: Hey, Jane, believe it or not, I ordered a set of sofas directly from a furniture factory online yesterday morning and they arrived at my home in the evening. How convenient! Everything is down to a click of the mouse. B: Ah, you see I told you how smart it is! That’s what they call “e-commerce,” which is short for electronic commerce. A: Yeah, it’s a buzzword these days. B: I think there’s a worldwide craze for “e-commerce.” some Internet companies even claim “e-business or no-business.”

  5. A: That’s not an overstatement. Because unlike traditional storefronts bound by their business hours, the Internet is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. People can shop at times that are convenient for them. Just imagine, you can have food and drinks delivered to your door within an hour and without leaving the comfort of your home. B: Also, you can even bargain online for the best price!

  6. A Powerful Commercial Medium A: Today people are hearing about information superhighways and the Internet. They are wondering where this is going to go. B: I often think about it, too. How will it unfold? How will it affect different areas? Is this change going to be beneficial for me personally? A: I have a friend who is a businessman and who is very non-technical. Last year, when he found out he could play bridge with friends all over the country on a computer, he bought a portable computer. At first he used it mostly to play bridge wherever he went, but now he’s learned to do other things on the Internet and is very fascinated by how the world changes and what that means from a business point of view.

  7. B: There’s no doubt the Internet will be a powerful commercial medium. It’ll connect hundreds of millions of customers and open up markets for all kinds of products and services. A:That’s true. I can imagine companies, in turn, can examine and compare whatever goods they want to buy and tell their computers to find them at the best price offered. B:Yeah. Your computer will be your representative and will spare no efforts in bargaining with the computers of various sellers. It’ll be a shopper’s heaven.

  8. Section B Group work Directions:discuss the following questions with your partners. Try to answer them with the help of the hints.

  9. Question: With the increasing number of people addicted to the Internet, some people say the Internet is responsible for furthering alienation with society. What’s your comment on it?

  10. At first thought, it sounds like a contradiction. how, let people across the globe communicate with each other, isolate the very people who use it, on second thought, some truth in it, develop online relationships, at the expense of the time, otherwise, available for more social activities, in one’s own villages, towns and cities, I agree, may be responsible for, further the breakup of society, isolate its individual users from the outside world…

  11. Words and expressions related addicted adj. 上瘾的 At first thought 乍一想 At the expense of 以…..为代价 alienation n. 疏远 contradiction n. 矛盾 isolate v. 孤立 Sound like 似乎是 On second thought 又一想 further v.促进 breakup n. 分解,崩溃

  12. At first thought, it sounds like a contradiction. How can something that lets people across the globe communicate with each other isolate the very people who use it? However, on second thought, I find there’s some truth in it. Now people often develop online relationships with individuals in other places. But this is at the expense of the time that would have otherwise been available for more social activities in their own villages, towns and cities. Therefore, I agree with the opinion that the Internet may be responsible for furthering the breakup of society by isolating its individual users from the outside world.

  13. Potential Questions: (1)Nowadays online shopping is gaining widespread popularity. How do you think the Internet has changed our traditional ways of consumption? (2)To pay or not to pay, that is the question that Chinese e-mail users are faced with today. Are you in favor of fee-paying e-mail service? (3)What’s your opinion on online chatting and dating in view of the fact that some girls were killed by their online lovers after they met face to face?

  14. Potential Questions: (4)With the increasing number of cases of online theft, vandalism and invasion of privacy, people are paying closer attention to computer network security. Could you elaborate on your point of view on this problem? (5)Today’s computers are used in almost every field of work and by most city families in China. Some experts say that the increasing popularity of computers could endanger our health. Do you agree with that?