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Be Careful About Your Feet and Foot Pain Treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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Be Careful About Your Feet and Foot Pain Treatment

Be Careful About Your Feet and Foot Pain Treatment

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Be Careful About Your Feet and Foot Pain Treatment

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  2. Be Careful About Your Feet and Foot Pain Treatment

  3. Are you experiencing foot pain? Then you probably know that there is almost nothing more painful than foot pain. With a proper diagnosis and treatment, you can return to a normal life, without any pain to affect your daily activities. It is nothing more unbearable than feeling foot pain when walking. There are more causes of foot pain side of the foot and regardless the cause, you need to immediately contact your doctor in order to be able to get the correct diagnosis and treatment.

  4. Some of the main symptoms of pain felt in the side of foot are aching, dull or sharp pain that radiates from the heel and along the side of your foot. Another possible symptom is pain while sleeping.

  5. There are multiple causes that can leave you with such a pain, such as: Improper footwear – it is one of the main causes. If you wear shoes which are too tight and do not allow your toes to spread out evenly, you might get pain on the side of your feet. Also, overuse of certain shoes, such as high heels, might lead to this pain. In order to avoid experiencing pain on the side of your foot, always buy and wear shoes that have ample arch support and provide enough room to allow your feet to move.

  6. The Achilles tendon may be another cause, as it is the largest tendon in the body, so that it is also a common area of injury. The Achilles tendon is situated primarily in the heel and it continues alongside the muscles which form the side of the foot. The injuries you suffer on Achilles tendon might not only bring you Achilles tendon pain, but also pain that radiates along the side of your foot.

  7. Some of the main causes that can create pain in the Achilles tendon are: suddenly increase of the amount or intensity of physical activity, running on hard surfaces, running too often, too much jumping, improper shoes or foot suddenly turning in or out.

  8. Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis. Other causes, which can include running, jumping, constantly stress upon certain areas, as well as an undiagnosed bone fracture With proper attention to your physical activity, especially in what regards using your feet, as well as to the shoes you wear you can avoid this type of pain in most cases.

  9. There are also such conditions when the pain would appear regardless of your care, such as being the medical conditions. As long as you take care of your feet and go to the doctor when you feel the pain in your feet, you can avoid further problems.

  10. Regardless the cause, it is very important to contact your doctor whenever you have such pain, especially if the pain does not pass within a week. Your doctor might be able to give you the right diagnosis, but in case the doctor fails, you might also contact a podiatrist. In most cases, this pain is easily dissipated with rest, but there are certain conditions though when physical therapy is required or even surgery is needed.

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