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  1. Welcome toUSCARLOTS

  2. When you have credit issues the best way to get into a dependable vehicle is by getting help from someone seasoned in the business. We are here to help you get to the dealership that can finance you for a vehicle that fits your needs. No more wasting hours at a dealership only to find out they cannot help you. Get preapproved and have an easy car buying process.

  3. STEPS TO FINANCING WITH BAD CREDIT 1 The first step in getting a car loan with bad credit is to be realistic. Many car shoppers get frustrated when trying to find a car with bad credit because expectations are set too high with respect to how much money a bank will lend them. Also, keep in mind that when buying a car with bad or poor credit that some car dealerships will hold paper or finance for you. Lastly, very seldom will a dealership let someone with bad credit finance a new or used car with no money down or a zero deposit. 2 Seek out car dealerships that specialize in bad credit poor credit financing. The banks and lenders these dealerships work with are better prepared to help poor credit - bad credit car shoppers. They may also be more flexible with regard to down payment and requirements than traditional banks.  On the down side, expect to pay a higher interest rate for a bad credit car loan than a shopper with great credit. One this site we have a large lender network.

  4. For more information visit our website Phone Number:  1-866-901-0007 Email: