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insecticides manufacturer in india PowerPoint Presentation
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insecticides manufacturer in india

insecticides manufacturer in india

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insecticides manufacturer in india

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  1. Shree Chem India Mosquito Repellent Manufacturer and Pesticide Supplier

  2. Company Profile Shree Chem India is one of the best exporter, supplier, trader and manufacturer of Mosquito Repellant in India. It is also manufacturer of Pesticide, Fungicide and Weedicides. We are working in the same field since 2005. We are research based company dedicated to offer highly effective and Eco-friendly insecticides at the most competitive prices. Our qualified and experienced marketing professionals provide our clients best product on the basis of market trend understanding of their specific need.

  3. About us We are manufacturing mosquito repellant by the name of "Safe Night" brand. We also manufactured weedicides and fungicides which is very useful to kill the insecticides in harvesting system. We provide eco-friendly and effective products. Our experienced and expert team provide best product to our client at best market price. Our manufacturing unit has latest technology which is able to produce best quality products.

  4. Why us Some factors shine us in competative market that are given below: ->International quality standard->Strong packaging->Highly based R&D->Price according to the market->Customer Based approach

  5. Packaging Packaging is one of the most important requirements of this industry. Our packaging system is specially designed to aid in the environmental safety, commercial and legislative accountability. Every consignment is carefully packed by experts using high quality material. The strong packaging assure full safety of the product during transportation process.

  6. Quality Assurance Shree Chem India is. We apply strong quality control norms, ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company right from attainment of raw material till the packaging of the products.Raw material testing is done in our own laboratory. The process of manufacturing is supervised by experienced professional to eliminate even a bit of defect. The final product is again tested on various angle to ensure quality with latest standards defined by various national and international regulatory bodies.

  7. Infrastructure Located in azadpur Delhi, We have well maintained manufacturing plant to strongly support the domestic and international market demands. The streamwise manufacturing unit contain of advanced machinery for production and processing of products under controlled environment. All the operation and facility is personaly looked by highly experienced engineers and trained professionals. We regularly update our manufacturing process and technology to face the challeng of global market.

  8. Research and Development Our research and development department have always keep ahead in competition.The application based on research covers all parameters from fundamental study of the raw material to different stage of product development. Our research team coordinate with the leading national or international research agencies to worldwide our products

  9. Our Products -> Safe Night Mosquito Coil -> Safe Night Mosquito Refill -> Safe Night Mat -> Pesticide -> Fungeesides -> Weedicide

  10. Mosquito coil

  11. Mosquito Refill

  12. Mosquito Coil

  13. Safe Night Mat