my first diwali celebration at pg n.
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My First Diwali Celebration At PG PowerPoint Presentation
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My First Diwali Celebration At PG

My First Diwali Celebration At PG

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My First Diwali Celebration At PG

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  1. My First Diwali Celebration At PG Diwali is the occasion that can be celebrated with friends and family and due to any reason, if you are away from them, you can celebrate it at your PG too. I had a very good and unforgettable experience of celebrating one of the most auspicious occasions - DIWALI at Shree Durga PG For Girls - a Women PG In Laxmi Nagar. It’s about last year when I was away from my family and missing them badly but the PG I am staying in, brightened my day. After having a bad experience in two other PGs in Delhi, I was very sad and wanted to go back home badly. But, I heard appreciation about this place from my cousin who had stayed here for a long while and decided to give it a try. I was granted a room two days before Diwali and so I clearly had no friends here and due to my exams, I wasn’t able to visit my hometown. So, the only option left with me

  2. was to take the part in the celebration at my PG. All the girls of the PG clubbed together to decorate the place with lights, diyas and rangoli. It felt so homely and when I decided to join in, it sparked communication between me and my mates (who are now my friends). The hall was prepared to look like a beautiful bride and we all enjoyed the festival without feeling isolated from home or the loved ones. It is one of the most precious memories that I had made in the Girls PG in Laxmi Nagar. I suggest this place to every girl that decides to move to Delhi. Come here once and you will feel the same as I do. Apart from that, the landlords are very friendly too and I had the best Diwali of my life with my new friends. That was the time; I got to know that living in PG can be interesting too.