bing ads along with google ads n.
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Bing ads along with Google ads PowerPoint Presentation
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Bing ads along with Google ads

Bing ads along with Google ads

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Bing ads along with Google ads

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  1. Bing ads along with Google ads

  2. Searches on Google are around 1.2 trillion and on Bing is 5.4 billion. Clearly, Bing stands nowhere here. There is no point in further comparing the two search options those who are doing it are simply wasting their time. Still, the platform like Bing exists though with lower search volume. What could be the reason for its existence? The omnichannel digital marketing agency still uses the Bing advertising platform. • Let’s have insights on both the platforms- • Google, is a giant platform but there is no denying in the fact that 136 million unique searches are on Bing, which defeats Google in this matter. This doesn’t mean that you will get great results by solely advertising on Bing. • Some Bing ads experts also believe that using Google Adwords and Bing ads experts can yield better results rather than relying on one. However, only if your budget allows you to do that. Google ads demand high investment, on the other hand, Bing is cheap. Simply, speaking cost-per-click is costly in Adwords.  • This article is all on how you can put both to work for impressive growth.

  3. Best of both worlds • The market is filled with advertisers on Adword. On Bing, as you know due to less competition cost-per-click goes down. You can leverage this opportunity by dividing your budget among these two instead of putting all your money in one. You can have the best of both worlds. Several searchers in Bing is not overwhelming but 34% of desktop search is not bad for a business to kick start.

  4. Partner platforms • Bing is a Microsoft search engine, it has two others- AOL & Yahoo. When you advertise on Bing, your ads run on partner platforms also. On Google, your ads are seen only on Google. But here your ads will run on Bing, AOL, Yahoo, and owned websites as well. You can grab the benefits from each platform and the sum is huge.

  5. Import ad campaigns from Google • Some may think not to opt for both the options because making an ad campaign is intense work. This is quite true because making an ad involves copywriting, market research, targeting, etc. You’ll be happy to know that you can import your ad campaign from Google, thanks to the available option. Make your ads in Google, import it on Bing, now see your ads running on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.. You can kill two birds with one stone but here you can kill many.

  6. Use for wider targeting • Google provides enough facilities for targeting based on demography, age, gender, income level, etc. If you want to stretch your targeting, you can choose running ads on Bing as it is used by the mature audience (35-54 yrs.). Also, most of the audience is of a high-income level. You can extend your targeting by putting your ad on Bing.

  7. Conclusion • If you think your ads are not earning enough revenue out of Google AdWords and you are ready to invest more on Google, Bing is there. On this platform with the low investment, you can make a huge difference.

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