q uestion and answers about samoan and american n.
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Q uestion and Answers about Samoan and American. PowerPoint Presentation
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Q uestion and Answers about Samoan and American.

Q uestion and Answers about Samoan and American.

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Q uestion and Answers about Samoan and American.

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  1. Question and Answers about Samoan and American. By Penitusi.

  2. Question and answers 1-3. Q1. Why do Samoan celebrate white Sunday? A1. It’s a special day for the kids. From My Mum. Q2. How many languages do they speak in Samoan? Answers. com A2. There are two languages that they speak in Samoan English and Samoan Q3. What kind of food do Samoans eat? A3. umu, oka lu’au povi masima.

  3. Question and Answers 4-6 Q4. What are some Samoan traditional stories? A4. Sinaand the eel, va’aia and Apaula. From Me. Q5. What are some Samoan traditional dance? A5. Sasa, taualuga fire dance and Mau’ulu. From Wikipedia. Q6. What kind of public holidays do Americans celebrate? A6. Thanks giving's day, Veteraus day. From Wikipedia.

  4. Question and Answers 7-10 Q7. What are some American traditional dances? A7. Hip hop, rock and roll, square dance. Q8. What is the capital city of America? From Wikipedia A8. Washington D.C. Q9. What are some American traditional clothes? From Wikipedia A9. T-shirt, hoodies, polo's and more. Q10. What are some American traditional food? A10. Bacon, Cheese, Desserts, Fowl, Holiday, red meat, sandwich.

  5. Pictures from America.

  6. Pictures from Samoa.

  7. Samoan Legend. On the island of Savai'i in Samoa, one version of the legend tells of a beautiful girl called Sina who had a small pet eel. When the eel grew, it fell in love with Sina. This made the girl afraid. She tried to run away, but the fish followed her. Sina finally sought refuge in a village, and thinking that she had escaped, went to the village pool to get water. However, when Sina looked into the pool, she saw the eel staring up at her. Angry, she cried 'You stare at me, with eyes like a demon!' (Samoan: E pupula mai, ou mata o le alelo!). Village chiefs came and killed the eel. As the fish was dying, it asked Sina to plant its head in the ground. Sina followed the eel's request, and planted its head in the ground. A coconut tree grew from the ground. When the husk is removed from a coconut, there are three round marks which appear like the face of the fish with two eyes and a mouth. One of the marks is pierced for drinking the coconut, and hence when Sina takes a drink, she is kissing the eel. In Samoa, the fresh spring pool Mata o le Alelo in the small village of Matavai, Safune, is associated with the legend of Sina[5] and the Eel.[6] The pool is named after Sina's words to the eel in the legend. The pool is open to visitors. Copied this from Wikipedia.

  8. Facts about Samoa. Samoa, officially the Independent State of Samoa, formerly known as Western Samoa, is a country encompassing the western part of the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. It became independent from New Zealand in 1962. Copied from Wikipedia. 

  9. Facts about America. The Birmingham campaign was a strategic movement in the spring of 1963 organized by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to draw attention to the unequal treatment of black Americans in Birmingham, Alabama. Organizers led by Martin Luther King, Jr.(pictured) used nonviolent direct action tactics, beginning with a boycott of businesses. Sit-ins and marches followed, intended to provoke mass arrests. After the campaign ran low on adult volunteers, high school, college, and elementary students were trained to participate, resulting in hundreds of arrests and greater media attention. To dissuade demonstrators and control the protests the local police used water jets and dogs on children and bystanders. In some cases, bystanders attacked the police, who responded with force. Scenes of the ensuing mayhem caused an international outcry, leading to intervention by the Kennedy administration. By the end of the campaign, King's reputation surged, the "Jim Crow" signs in Birmingham came down, and public places became moropen to blacks. The campaign brought national force to bear on the issue of racial segregation and was a major factor in the push towards the Civil Rights Act of 1964. (Full article... Copied from Wikipedia.

  10. Thank you for Watching my PowerPoint.