welcome to the 2013 year 6 parent information evening n.
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Welcome to the 2013 Year 6 Parent Information Evening PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the 2013 Year 6 Parent Information Evening

Welcome to the 2013 Year 6 Parent Information Evening

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Welcome to the 2013 Year 6 Parent Information Evening

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  1. Welcome to the 2013 Year 6 Parent Information Evening

  2. Who is teaching your child? Class Teacher Steven Armstrong Music Mr Dominic Lindsay Physical Education/Sport Ms Meaghan Stanton Physical Education/Skills Mr Peter Crawford Visual Art Prac Ms Natacha Brochard Drama Practical Mr Phillip Cunich Library Mrs Elizabeth Antoniak Science Practical Ms Annik Schaefer French Mrs Lucy Davies PRE Mrs Jan Ryan
  3. Timetable
  4. Goals To continue to build upon existing knowledge and skills To reach their potential in all curriculum areas To foster an enjoyment of learning To think creatively To take responsibility for their own learning To become independent learners To work co-operatively To appreciate and respect others To develop resilient children To be well prepared for Year7
  5. Assessment Maths Written tasks Outcomes Tests Speed tests Mentals Problem solving English PM Reading and Comprehension PEG Spelling Writing samples Grammar checks Listening skills Science and Technology Recording of ideas Thinking skills Processing skills HSIE Outcomes based checklist Blooms skill set check Self assessment/journal
  6. CAPA Work samples Observations Anecdotal records Participation in discussions PDHPE Skill set check Participation Self assessment French Progress Skills PRE Involvement Self assessment
  7. Blooms Thinking Skills Targeting student learning and thinking. Example: Study of Culture in the Asian South Pacific. Vietnam: students are set specific elements that meet the outcomes(7) and then select another 8 that will extend and enrich learning. Vietnam_Blooms.pdf
  8. Catering for your child Remembering Recall facts and information   Understanding Demonstrate an understanding Applying Use information in a new way Analysing Examine parts   Evaluating Presenting an opinion backed by sound reasoning. Creating Form a new idea or product
  9. Homework Meaningful Reinforce skills 20-30 minutes per night, including reading Complementary activities Skills based Optional activities
  10. Research Number 94( 0.29) Number 1( 1.44) Number 149(-0.18) Number 20(0.65) Student Expectations, Homework, Prior Achievement, TV John Hattie: “Visible Learning for Teachers” 2012
  11. FrenchVocabulary, Cultural appreciation, Visual Art and Song
  12. Creative Arts Music- with specialist teacher Mr Lindsay. ..\Oxley Drama- with a specialist teacher Mr Cunich Art- practical session in VA room (colour and paint) with Ms Brochard. Further work on skills in class. Dance – incorporated with Drama and PDH
  13. PDHPE PE/Sport- with specialist teacher Mrs Stanton. Activities program targeting skills, fitness, games and sport. PE/Skills with specialist teacher Mr Crawford. Targeting specific individual skills in PE. PDH - in class following units related to developing fitness, relationships, friendships and an awareness of factors that effect lifestyle.
  14. Philosophy, Religion & Ethics Critical Thinking Telling the Story Wondering Exploring Meditation Awareness
  15. English Talking and Listening Reading Writing
  16. Talking and Listening Situations Whole class and small group discussions Debates Speeches Presentations Skills Voice projection Eye contact Posture Speech writing/ creating arguments Being a member of an audience
  17. Reading Shared Reading Whole class same text Model reading strategies Differentiated activities Guided Reading (90-94% accuracy) Ability groups Discuss and apply reading strategies Independent Reading (95-100% accuracy) D.E.A.R Higher level Reading Building fluency and confidence Reading for pleasure/entertainment
  18. Writing Recounts Descriptions Procedures Information Report Explanation Exposition Discussion Narrative
  19. Spelling Focus Attack/Attack/Attack Analyse Criticise Synthesise PEG Program: target levels Contextualise
  20. Maths Skills based Use of applications(concrete) Understanding the links between concepts(abstract) Thinking/working /doing mathematically Being strategic
  21. Strategies How did you work it out? Is there another way to solve it? Can you create a simpler/more complex problem like this?
  22. Maths How do you get down off an elephant? Introduce lateral thinking.
  23. Communication Diary: Owned and operated by the student Independence Organisational model
  24. AWARDS Whole School RESPECT SOW HOUSE AWARD Classroom Class Awards( Sebastian and Bruce) Stickers Other
  25. Management Whole School Respect Playground Specialists Classroom Cooperation Timing Restorative
  26. How to contact me Email Phone 48611366 0400486155 Note Diary
  27. Questions?