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Phuket Scuba Diving | Diving in Thailand PowerPoint Presentation
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Phuket Scuba Diving | Diving in Thailand

Phuket Scuba Diving | Diving in Thailand

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Phuket Scuba Diving | Diving in Thailand

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  1. Our Service • Phuket scuba diving • PADI advanced open water course • Best Scuba Diving Phuket • PADI Divemaster Course Phuket • PADI Courses Phuket • Learn Diving In Phuket • PADI Rescue Diver course Phuket

  2. Phuket Scuba Diving You must be looking for all this while and take you spinning to completely another world altogether. Such is the thrill of scuba diving. Unlike other adventure sports, scuba diving is just not about the hint of rush, but it gives you a constant flow of awe and thrill when you prepare yourself to traverse into a world beneath the earth's surface. There are some places across the globe, which are especially popular for diving. The Phuket scuba diving is a perfect example in this regard. Phuket is the best diving destination in Thailand – one of the most sought after tourist and diving destinations of the world.

  3. PADI advanced open water course So, if you are a beginner, you don't really need to worry much about having any prior underwater diving experience as you will be under the constant guidance of the diving instructor. In Phuket, you can easily get a PADI instructor. PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors, which is an institute with worldwide reputation for the diving courses. The PADI advanced open water course is perfect even for building a career in scuba diving. PADI instructors can also provide you short term training, when you go for the scuba diving trip in Singapore.

  4. Snorkeling If you want to enjoy the marine life, but don’t want to go in very depth the snorkeling is the best option for you. In this sport, you go inside water but you remain near the surface of the water.

  5. Liveaboard or Cruise Diving The reason why I press on this particular sport is because those of you who have not been down there yet, you are missing out on witnessing a myriad of colours and creatures that could be found nowhere else on earth. You would be in complete awe once you dive deeper under the sea. They say it’s a beautiful planet under water but when you set your eyes on them, you would see so much more. It’s beautiful, scenic and so much peaceful than the world above. The creatures live in almost complete harmony with each other and have occasional fun of their own which is a treat to watch if you're around. Undoubtedly, it could indubitably turn into an experience of your lifetime.

  6. PADI Courses And, if you miss Thailand, you are definitely missing something that you must experience in your lifetime. The diving destinations in or near Phuket are popular throughout the world, and a number of tourists from different parts of the world like to visit here for diving and to visit the scenic beauty of nature. Some places popular in or near Phuket are Phi Phi Islands, KohDok Mai, Similan Islands, Shark Point, Anesome Reef, King Cruiser Wreck, RachaiNoi, RachaiYai and more. You can also go for liveaboard diving at some place.

  7. Liveaboard or Cruise Diving This is a type of diving, in which the divers stay on a cruise for one or more nights. The liveaboard goes ahead and the divers can enjoy the diving in different areas of seas and oceans. The cruise diving allows the divers to explore more diverse marine life. You get the fun of diving at the next part of sea every day, and get the glimpses of the marine life in that part.

  8. Contact Information 161/51 moo 10, tambonChalong, AmphurMuangPhuket, Thailand Phone no:. +66(0) 91 719 0747 Tel no:. +1-702-490-4146 (USA) Skype:. gregg.aidikoff41 Email: