one million campaign support women to breastfeed n.
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One Million Campaign Support Women to Breastfeed PowerPoint Presentation
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One Million Campaign Support Women to Breastfeed

One Million Campaign Support Women to Breastfeed

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One Million Campaign Support Women to Breastfeed

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  1. One Million CampaignSupport Women to Breastfeed Arun and Team One Million Campaign BPNI/IBFAN Asia 9th Feb.2009

  2. Infant mortality can be checked by breastfeeding – says Lancet study Posted by KY Singh on May 24th, 2008 in Health, News. Follow comments via RSS 2.0. Print This! SHARETHIS SHIMLA: A study published by the UK based world’s leading independent medical journal “Lancet” has said that a new hope has emerged in the form of mother’s milk for rapidly reducing the infant mortality and improving child under nutrition in India. Breastfeeding promotion alone can reduce the infant mortality rate (IMR) by 11.6 percent in India where 57 infants out of 1000 die every year at birth.

  3. Size of tragedy …. • Over 1100 children under the age of five die every hour across the world • 27000 die per day • About 10 million children die every year • Evidence: Many can be saved by early and exclusive breastfeeding

  4. Beginning Breastfeeding within one hour (Globally)

  5. Exclusive Breastfeeding (Globally)

  6. Exclusive breastfeeding 0-6 months(India)

  7. Comparison of NFHS 2 and NFHS 3 data on breastfeeding practices

  8. One Million Campaign Support Women to Breastfeed

  9. Life begins here ….

  10. Counselling session

  11. Do we want this ..?

  12. Women at work …need support Crèches etc

  13. Working Women in the street !

  14. What support this women would require?

  15. Cyclone hits…. Marrium with her 13-day old child outside her ruined home in Bagerhat district.Source: Irin News. Cyclone Sidr, Bangladesh

  16. “We distributed children's clothes and about 40 mothers showed up with their babies, we…taught them how to use the milk powder we had received in big quantities.” Source: Real Medicine Foundation News. Sri Lanka, Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004/5

  17. Highlighting risks of infant formula Source: ACT News. Nias earthquake, Indonesia, 2005

  18. Women need help of this kind…

  19. GAPS • Lack of policy status for ‘National Guidelines on Infant and Young Child Feeding’. • No sustained action to revive baby friendly hospital initiatives. • Inadequate mechanism to enforce “The Infant Milk Substitutes, Feeding Bottles and Infant Foods (Regulation of Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, 1992”, as Amended in 2003 (IMS Act). • No policy framework for protecting and supporting breastfeeding in private sector and informal sector for working women. • No practical training of doctors and nurses regarding infant and young child feeding in pre-service education.

  20. GAPS • Crèches, as an essential service to support working mothers to breastfeed are completely inadequate in terms of number and quality with respect to the existing need. • Lack of stated strategy on communication for infant and young child feeding. • Inadequate counselling to HIV positive women regarding infant feeding options. • There is no policy on infant and young child feeding in action plans for disasters. • Too large a time gap between two consecutive national family health surveys to monitor infant and young child feeding indicators.

  21. Mum power: The friends from ante-natal class converge on McDonald's for the feed-in. Maddie Reynolds is fourth from the left

  22. Thank you Team One Million Campaign