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www.scielo.org. scientific electronic library online. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. editors publishers referees. indexers brokers vendors. information centers. users readers. authors writers. (t 1 ,x 1 ,r 1 ) y 1 , z 1 ,. (t 2 ,x 2 ,r 2 ) y 2 , z 2 ,.

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  1. www.scielo.org scientific electronic library online

  2. 1 2 3 4 5 editorspublishersreferees... indexersbrokersvendors... informationcenters... usersreaders authorswriters (t1,x1,r1) y1, z1, (t2,x2,r2) y2, z2, (t3,x3,r3) y3, z3, (t4,x4,r4) y4, z4, (t5,x5,r5) y5, z5,

  3. Virtual Library SciELO Internet 1 2 3 4 5 editorspublishersreferees... indexersbrokersvendors... informationcenters... usersreaders authorswriters (t1,x,r1) y, z, (t2,x,r2) y, z, (t3,x,r3) y, z, (t4,x,r4) y, z, (t5,x,r5) y, z,

  4. The SciELO Model for the cooperative electronic publishingin developing countries Abel L. PackerBIREME/PAHO/WHO, Director SciELO Project, Operational Coordinator 10th International Conference of Science Editors,Rio de Janeiro, August 27-30, 2000

  5. SciELO Model Evolution Phase 1 - Pilot project: March 1997- May 1998 development of SciELO Methodology pilot operation of 10 journals in the Internet Phase 2 - SciELO Sites : June 1998 - May 2001 operation of individual SciELO sites widening partnership Phase 3 - Network SciELO Sites : June 2001 - May 2003 development of a network of SciELO Sites building of LA&C national and regional bibliometric indicators

  6. SciELO Model SciELO Project - development forces - 1996 FAPESP: demand of an index to control, make visible and evaluate Brazilian scientific journals BIREME: demand of a methodology to promote the transition to electronic publishing, specially for the health sciences literature from LA&C referenced by LILACS ABEC: development of scientific communication in Brazil Internet: emergence/predominance of Internet as the universal publishing medium need of a comprehensive electronic publishing approach envisaging to overcome developing countries scientific communication vicious circle - information technology enabling a common methodology/model

  7. SciELO Model foundations the access to scientific and technical information is essential for economic and social development research results are mainly communicated and validated through publication in scientific journals developed countries have a very well established scientific communication infrastructure only a small percentage of the scientific production from developing countries shares this infrastructure

  8. SciELO Model … - foundations most of the developing countries scientific journals lack adequate distribution and dissemination in consequence, local generated scientific information is lost or have a limited impact the scientific information generated in the developing countries should be universally accessible and valued it will increase the usage and impact of local information on decision making processes at different levels it will contribute to develop a positive feedback to local scientific journals and therefore to overcome the marginalization vicious circle

  9. SciELO Model global and specific objectives contribute to the development and impact of the scientific research in Latin America and Caribbean by improving and widening the means of dissemination, publication, and evaluation of research results local - visibility network - accessibility impact sustainability - quality ! - credibility - systematic evaluation actual value - usage, impact, ...

  10. t promote improvement myths: good but national all bad value

  11. Example of measuring impact using SciELO data from Brazilian tropical medicine related journals

  12. Example of measuring impact using SciELO data from Brazilian tropical medicine related journals Memórias do InstitutoOswaldo Cruz Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical

  13. SciELO Model Components • SciELO Methodology • SciELO Sites • Network of SciELO Sites

  14. SciELO Model 1 SciELO Methodology preparation, storage, preservation, publication, linking, dissemination and evaluation of scientific journals compatible with international standards and initiatives exportable/adequate to developing countries conditions cooperative development - capacity building public domain for the SciELO Network interchange w/ developing countries related projects/initiatives: INASP, BIOLINE, UNESCO, ICSU, open archiving, etc.

  15. . DOC conversion to HTML MarkupSGMLDTD . PM parser correction . HTML . Latex fulltextpresentation & markup . PDF…. Internet SciELO site load intodesktop database ftp to InternetSciELO Server reports interface

  16. SciELO Methodology integrated collection of scientific journals integrated bibliographic [control] data base integrated measurement of usage and impact dynamic link with national, regional and international data bases

  17. Selection criteria - inclusion and permanency • indicators: usage - hits, impact - citation, links, ... • scientific • peer review • editorial board • periodicity • age • on time • english title, abstract and keywords • bibliographic standards • indexing in international databases application under responsibility of a National Advisory Committee ( fapesp, bireme, cnpq, capes, editors)

  18. Linking • SciELO << >>SciELO • SciELO << >> bibliographic databases • SciELO >>> fulltext databases • SciELO <<>> Lattes Platform - CV and Research Groups Transfer of metadata to bibliographic data bases LILACS PubMed - MEDLINEothers

  19. SciELO Model 2 SciELO Sites decentralized collections of journals using SciELO Methodology national sites Brazil - 51 titles - www.scielo.br Chile - 16 titles - www.scielo.cl * Costa Rica - 5 titles - www.scielo.sa.cr * Cuba - www.sld.cu/scielo future: ?!!? regional thematic sites public health: 5 titles - Brazil, Mexico,PAHO,Spain future: ?!!?

  20. SciELO Model 3 Network of SciELO Sites cooperation among national and regional scientific communication instances portal: www.scielo.org links to individual SciELO Sites future developments integrated search national and regional usage and impact indicators

  21. SciELO Model major challenges text treatment: xml fully decentralization - operation of network of SciELO sites and SciELO journals search/navigation/linking: multi [-language,-discipline, -etc publication on the fly - article oriented virtual journal - mySciELO indicators -quality control - evaluation - improvement economic sustainability model research funds, public funds, publicity, access control: subscription policies - per jounal title, SciELO Sites, subsets, pay-per-view

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