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E ntertain C lients PowerPoint Presentation
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E ntertain C lients

E ntertain C lients

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E ntertain C lients

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  1. Entertain Clients 小组成员: 程序琪、季诗骅、刘贺、沈袁衡

  2. Step1:Get to know our clients well in advance. First, we should be clear what our purpose is. Get to know our clients well in advance, such as their hobbies, which help us to get along with him.

  3. Step2: Reserve a hotel For tourists, a good rest is very important. Reserve a five-star hotel, make them as comfortable as possible. And then they have a good spirit to work and have fun.

  4. Step3: Arrange a business meal Evening banquets are the most popular occasions for business entertaining. Generally, they start between 5:30 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. and last for two hours. Business is usually not discussed during the meal. But you can discuss some details of the business with them after the meal.

  5. Step4: Apply to related departments for entertainment We can provide theatre and concert tickets, and arrangement a sporting events and facilities. In the evening, we can take them to clubs and nightclubs. They must be interested in it.

  6. I think this step is the most important. We shall have a meeting to discuss the business and solve problems. Before the meeting, we can show them around our company or factory, let them have a better understanding of our company. Step5: Meet your clients

  7. Step6: Other activities such as presenting gifts Talk about activities, sightseeing may first be considered. Besides, we can take them play golf. If they are women, shopping is a good choice. Before they leave we can prepare some gifts for them, such as china、tea or silk. This will give them a good impression and they may have a continue cooperation with us.