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A Mile for SHOES

A Mile for SHOES

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A Mile for SHOES

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  1. A Mile for SHOES School Shoe Project for Bare Little Feet

  2. School Children in South Africa • Every Day, more than 70% of South African school going children walk to school. • Public transport is often scarce, especially in rural areas, and if such transport exists, it is unaffordable. • Many children come from very poor homes, where there is often not enough money to buy food, let alone pay for the costs of education, clothing and shoes. • Increasingly, the effects of AIDS is being felt, with many young children being left orphaned, with no adults to look after them. These child headed households are faced with the problem that they are too young to earn an income, yet they need to eat, and go to school in order to lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty. • Many underprivileged children, despite their circumstances, walk many kilometres on a daily basis to get to and from school.

  3. School Shoes • In the South African schooling system, it is compulsory to wear school uniforms to school. While this is intended to make all children feel equal and create a sense of unity, in poor communities this is usually not possible. • Many poor families cannot afford uniforms for their children, and as a result these children are humiliated for not having shoes or appropriate clothes. • As a result some children are so embarrassed by their poverty that they chose not to go to school. • There is currently no Government program to assist these children with uniforms and shoes.

  4. A Mile for Shoes Project - Inspiration • The idea for the project was started by myself, Caroline Koll and a friend Billy Sehume. We are both out running and cycling early in the mornings on the roads as part of our training, and everyday we see small children walking barefoot to school, even on the coldest days of the year. • We felt inspired to help these children, who ask for nothing, have little, yet are motivated to get an education. • Even though we both come from modest backgrounds, we are both firm believers in helping those who have less than ourselves. • Instead of donating resources to already established large organisations (where funds are often misused, or take months to reach the needy), we have decided to be actively involved ourselves, and develop a relationship with a school whom we know is in desperate need, and receives no other assistance.

  5. A Mile for Shoes Project - Aims • We aim to obtain at least 100 pairs of school shoes for the start of the new school year in January 2011. • Ultimately, through the support of family, friends and kind hearted people from around the world we would like to extend the project to cover as many schools in our area. • Padi Intermediate School, a farm school near Potchefstroom (North West Province), is a school which we have identified, and would like to initiate the project.* Please see official letter from the school principal below • We hope, that through giving these shoes, we can develop a generation of children filled with hope and inspiration.

  6. Padi Intermediate School • Official Letter from Principal: Sir/Madam Please be informed that the school mentioned above is in dire need of any kind of help you can offer. We are situated 7km away from Potchefstroom along the Parys Road. The school is on a farm called Modderdam and learners thereof are been classified among the poorest of the poor. Total number of learners is 402 classes start from Grade R to Grade10. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours Faithfully. M.C. Scheepers Padi Intermediate School Padi Intermediate School P.O Box 11150 Riverwalk 2538 Tel: +27 (0)83 493 8411

  7. A Mile for Shoes – A little about us Billy Sehume is 42yrs old, works in IT at a national bank in South Africa. He grew up in the townships, and currently resides in Benoni, East of Johannesburg, with his wife and two children. He is passionate about photography and sports. Two years ago he met Caroline in the local pool, and she taught him to swim for the first time. He has run the Comrades Marathon 6 times and has the dream of one day doing the Ironman Triathlon. Caroline Koll, 34 yrs old is a Professional Triathlete, and the current 2010 South African Elite Champion. She has travelled extensively across the world to compete, and while improving on her successes, she wishes to bring the world’s attention back to South Africa. She trains with Billy in the gym, when in South Africa. They now both wish to help someone else... Website:

  8. A Mile for Shoes – The Wish List • A pair of school shoes costs in the region of R • We appeal to individuals or corporates to donate a pair of shoes, or provide us with monetary donations with which we will purchase shoes. (We will ensure that accurate records and receipts are kept, and keep all donors updated on progress). • All shoes will be personally delivered by us to the school. • Marketing – The project will be marketed on my website (, which carries a readership of about1500 hits. I would be happy to promote any company or individual who wishes to have the exposure in exchange for generous participation in the project. There is also the possibility of media coverage.

  9. Contact Information For all additional information: Contact: Caroline Koll E-mail: Mobile: +27 84 471 4643