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Class of 1959

Class of 1959. By Faith W ood. P onyboy.

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Class of 1959

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  1. Class of 1959 By Faith Wood

  2. Ponyboy • Ponyboy personality was kind of mellow because he it seemed like he was always in the middle and not just because he was the middle child. Ponyboy loved movies. Also he was the youngest greaser .The way acted to other people was the way he would want to treated. His strengths were school his weakness was Darry because Darry was his older bother “.It drives my bother Darry nuts when I do stuff like that , cause I’m supposed to be smart I make good grades and have a high iq and everything but I don’t use my head.” that was from page 4 of The Outsiders. I picked that quote because I think it lets us know how Ponyboy thinks about himself . The lesson I learned was keep on keeping on because when times aren't always the best in the book Ponyboy kept on moving on .

  3. Darry • Darry was the one who and had grow up quickly he gave up everything for us brothers . Darry is a young man determined . He is cool, smart , and tough . Also he acts just like his dad . He looks older than what he is even if he is not . “He would be real handsome if his eyes weren't so cold .” From The Outsiders on the end of page 6 and the beginning of page 7 . The reason I picked this quote was because I think it lets us know that Darry can be a cold person sometimes . His strengths were school and weakness were learning to let lose sometimes . The lesson I learned from Darry was not to give up when times are tough because he didn’t give up when his parents died.

  4. Sodapop • Sodapop personality was lively and reckless. He also loved to dance . He looked like a movie star that the kind people stop on the street as they go by . One of this favorite activity was dancing. “He can get drunk in a drag race or dancing without ever getting near alcohol .” that was from page 8 of The Outsiders. The reasons I picked this quote was because I think it lets us know how Sodapop really is .His strength were getting girls and his weakness were school . The lesson I learned was to stick up for your bothers and sisters because Sodapop stuck up for Ponyboy in the book .

  5. Dally • My mood was dangerous he had hatred to the world. Dally had been in jail at the age of ten . He was tougher ,colder and meaner than the rest of us . His strengths were getting in trouble and his weakness were staying out of trouble . If I had to pick the real character of the gang it would be a Dallas Winston. That was from page 10 of The outsiders . The reason I picked this quote was because it lets us know that Dally is always going to be real not fake . The lesson I learned was fight for what you want in life because in the book dally was always fighting or getting in trouble .

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