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Soothing Baby Oil

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Soothing Baby Oil

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Soothing Baby Oil

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  1. Soothing Baby Oil

  2. Soothing Baby Oil Botanical Non-Sticky Non-Greasy Non-Irritating

  3. Baby – Soothing Baby Oil Protects, Soothes & Moisturizes Baby’s Delicate Skin Specially formulated for delicate skin of babies, this soothing baby oil absorbs easily without leaving a greasy film, allowing for a comforting and soothing massage that stimulates baby’s senses and supports overall well being. All ingredients are of natural origin and this formulation reinforces the skin barrier and preserves the skin’s cellular resources. Daily massage has been shown to benefit baby’s overall growth and development. CONTAINS 0% Preservatives Color Additives Mineral Oil Silicones/ Lanolin Directions for use: Pour small amount of oil onto your palms and rub hands together to warm. Gently apply onto baby’s skin.

  4. Baby – Soothing Baby Oil

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