weihnachten in deutschland n.
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Weihnachten in Deutschland PowerPoint Presentation
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Weihnachten in Deutschland

Weihnachten in Deutschland

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Weihnachten in Deutschland

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  1. Weihnachten in Deutschland Einführung (Introduction) Wiefeiernsie?(How do they celebrate Christmas) Wie schmücken sie dasHaus (How do they decorate their house) Was essen sie (What do they eat) Heiligabend (Christmas Eve) (24th ) Weihnachtsmann (Father Christmas) By Guillaume

  2. Einführung Hello and welcome to my German Christmas project by Guillaume . In this project I have written about howGerman people celebrate Christmas, how they decorate their houses, what they eat, what they do on Christmas Eve, on Christmas day and about Father Christmas. You may find out they celebrate stuff a little bit different from the waywe do. So sit back and relax and enjoy my presentation on Christmas in Germany, Thank you. Enjoy The PowerPoint (Ho,Ho,Ho)

  3. Wiefeiernsie? Christmas in Germany is very traditional, like in many countries, they would have a lot of advent calendars with 24 doors and chocolate behind and open one every day starting from the 1st December to the 24th. Or others pack 24 presents and give them to a nice person. Also like many of us they put up a Christmas tree. On the 24th of December many German people go to church and gives each other a Christmas present. Then it is followed by a big Christmas party.

  4. Wie schmücken sie dasHaus? Germans love to decorate their houses at Christmas, like we do but they decorate a little different for example: • They hang up little wooden frames with electric candles by there window • They also put coloured on there window to look nice from outside • They might also have a Adventskranz which is a wreath of leaves with four candles • Also Advent for them meaning the 4 week period before christmas, well on each Sunday of Advent they light a candle • Most people in Germany will have the same as us a little wooden crib, which is a model of where jesus was born, with Mary, Joseph and animals

  5. Christmas German Menu Starter Peppered venison with wild mushrooms and black pudding spatzle Or German asparagus almandine Main Menu Roast Goose with Chestnut stuffing Or Planked kraut dinner Or even German honey lebkuchen Cheese Allgau Emmentaler Bierkaese Bruder basil Or Cambazola Pudding German chocolate fudge swirl German hazelnut rings Or German Anise cookies Or even German lebkuchen

  6. Heiligabend In Germany on the 24th of December it’s the beginning of Christmas, In the morning they open there last Christmas advent calendar door, where they might have a little surprise. Then they get dressed for church where they will wish each other a Merry Christmas. In the evening a big dinner is prepared, they call it the holy night dinner the children put a carrot and a glass of milk by the tree for Father Christmas and his reindeers and go to sleep, waiting for an exiting morning.

  7. Weihnachtsmann Der Weihnachtsmann (Father Christmas) brings the presents on the 24th December late at night after people have been to a church meeting or maybe sleeping at home. Then the next day (25th December Christmas Day) the presents are found under the tree a member of the family rings a bell and they can start opening the presents.

  8. Thank you for watching Do you have any questions?