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Max the Mighty PowerPoint Presentation
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Max the Mighty

Max the Mighty

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Max the Mighty

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  1. Max the Mighty Worm Other Characters Setting Major Events Literary Devices 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points 40 Points 40 Points 40 Points 40 Points 40 Points 40 Points 50 Points 50 Points 50 Points 50 Points 50 Points 50 Points

  2. Max says that miners are the human version of

  3. What is ants?

  4. This is how Max saved the Undertaker’s life.

  5. What is by lifting up the heavy beam that had fallen on the Undertaker?

  6. This is why Max does not feel terrible when he is arrested.

  7. What is Dip and Grim are there to take care of Worm?

  8. This is one reason why Max considers sneaking away from Worm while she sleeps.

  9. What is if he stays with her, he will be the one to blame?

  10. Name two reasons why Max thinks it will be his fault if Worm dies.

  11. What is Max made her think he would keep her safe and he feels that he has to be Max the Mighty?

  12. Worm does this with the miner’s helmet.

  13. What is drops it into the mine shaft where her father died?

  14. Worm does this when she finds the likely spot of the mine cave-in.

  15. What is Worm says a prayer to show her respect to her dead father?

  16. This is what Worm says when her stepfather tries to grab her.

  17. What is “Rachel is dead!”?

  18. This is why Worm feels sorry for the kids who make fun of her.

  19. What is they don’t know the magic they can find in a book?

  20. This is how Worm behaves when they arrive in Chivalry.

  21. What is quiet, not happy or excited?

  22. Max calls the police officer this.

  23. What is Officer Friendly?

  24. This is whose testimony led to the Undertaker’s conviction.

  25. Who is Rachel’s mom?

  26. This is what Dip did after Max and Worm left to escape the cops.

  27. What is called the local police station, asked for Grim’s number, met Grim at a campground in Nebraska, and then drove to Chivalry?

  28. This is the reason why the Undertaker hurt Worm’s mother.

  29. What is she was asking for it and she was going to call the cops?

  30. According to Max, this is what is amazing about Grim’s reaction when he sees Max.

  31. What is Grim knew Max didn’t do anything wrong without Max telling him.

  32. This is what Max calls Chivalry when they first arrive.

  33. What is a ghost town?

  34. This is where Max and Worm stay the night while in Chivalry.

  35. What is the old saloon?

  36. This is where Worm plans to go to escape her stepfather.

  37. What is the mine shaft where her real father died?

  38. This is where Max ends up when the mine caves in.

  39. What is the hospital?

  40. This is the real reason why Worm wanted to go to Chivalry.

  41. What is to visit her father’s grave to receive help.

  42. This is who gets out of the police car at the old railroad station.

  43. Who is the Undertaker?

  44. This is what happened to Worm’s real father.

  45. What is he was killed in the Great Chivalry Mine Disaster?

  46. This is the promise that Worm and Max make to each other.

  47. What is they will always be friends no matter what happens?

  48. This is what happens to Max when he tries to save the Undertaker’s life.

  49. What is the mine crashes in around him?

  50. This is what happens to Worm and her mom at the end of the story.