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A Campaign for Congregational Vitality and New Church Development PowerPoint Presentation
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A Campaign for Congregational Vitality and New Church Development

A Campaign for Congregational Vitality and New Church Development

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A Campaign for Congregational Vitality and New Church Development

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  1. A Campaign for Congregational Vitality and New Church Development

  2. Campaign Leadership Rev. Michael C. Murphy, Campaign Chair Senior Minister, Peoples Congregational UCC Washington, D.C. Campaign Teams in various regions of the Conference to visit with congregations and invite participation

  3. Statement of Purpose “The purpose of the Conference in all its elements is to support, challenge and strengthen local churches, bringing them together in community and mission and in relation to the larger church and society…”

  4. Primary Goals Celebrate New Visions Sunday April 21, 2013 Achieve $300,000 in pledges And gifts by June 2013 Complete payment of pledges By December 31, 2014

  5. Looking to the Future • Our diverse heritages are becoming the United Church of Christ, which… • Listens for the “Still Speaking” God. • Proclaims extravagant welcome. • Seeks diversity and inclusiveness.

  6. These Are New Times • Churches are seeking renewal & vitality. • Attendance is strong at workshops on renewal. “Church in the age of Twitter” “Seven Secrets of Vital Congregations” “Church Crafts: Principles for Growing…” • Interest in exploring new church planting has grown. • Need for focused efforts in both congregational vitality and in new church planting

  7. Two Key Strategies 1. Establish partnership with the Center for Progressive Renewal to coach renewing congregations and assist new church planting. 2. Establish new programming and staff in church vitality and new church development.

  8. Two Exciting Opportunities • To support programs for • congregational renewal and vitality; • To plant new congregations in new and changing communities as well • as in established ones.

  9. Aim of the New Program …to work with existing and new congregations to reach out in creative ways, using the “God Is Still Speaking” initiative to tell the UCC story and invite seekers into dialogue with the Christian faith.

  10. Promote Vitality Webinars and Workshops such as the “Seven Secrets…” “Church Crafts – May 11, 2013 Arrange coaches for renewing churches Develop vitality programming in the Conference Focus staff time on renewal programs

  11. Some Renewing Congregations • Hope UCC – Alexandria, VA • Grace UCC – Frederick, MD • Community Church of Mt Lakes – NJ • Sojourners UCC- Charlottesville VA

  12. Promote New Church Starts • Actively seek prospective new church planters • Support discernment and training • Recruit persons with skills for launch teams • Secure coaches for church planters • Assist coordination with Associations

  13. Current New Church Starts Grace UCC – Flemington, NJ Asbury Park Community UCC – NJ Six:Eight UCC – Baltimore MD New Covenant UCC – Owings Mill, MD Veritas UCC - Hagerstown, MD Community Church of Washington D.C. - (UCC) Safe Harbor UCC – Sussex County, DE Community Church of All People (UCC) - Reston, VA

  14. Critical Campaign Aims • To support programming to promote congregational vitality and renewal • B. To actively start new churches by attracting capable new church planters and linking them to Associations and the Conference.

  15. A Third Critical Aim To increase support for Our Church’s Wider Mission so that new staff in vitality and new church development can be sustained beyond 2014. The guideline for churches is to create a multi-year plan to increase OCWM a specific amount until it equals 10% of the operating budget, i.e. total budget minus benevolences.

  16. Campaign Goals • Raise $300,000 in pledges by June of 2013, • to be paid between 2012 and 2013 to support • church vitality and new church development. • To increase Basic Support to Our Church’s Wider Mission to a level that is $125,000 above the current level by the end of 2014.

  17. What Will • “New Visions” Support? • Funding for a new, part-time Conference position focused in new church development and vitality programming with congregations. • Funds to assist in providing trained coaches for pastors of new church starts.

  18. What Will • “New Visions” Support? • Assistance to congregations in wanting to start vitality programs. • Leads and contacts for resources and materials • Development of mutual support and information sharing via social networks and other media.

  19. Campaign Plan Seek gifts from individuals, including leadership gifts from $1,000 to $10,000. Invite congregations to adopt a goal for support of the campaign. Seek grants from grant makers.

  20. Generous Gift Challenge A challenge grant of $50,000 has been offered to the campaign. When fully subscribed, new gifts and pledges will produce $100,000 of support for the campaign.

  21. An Invitation Please consider making a generous a good faith commitment to the New Visions Campaign. Commitments may be paid during 2013 and 2014

  22. The Time Is Now …to join together, creating “New Visions" of the “God Is Still Speaking” spirit through congregational vitality and new church development in the Central Atlantic Conference.

  23. A Campaign for Congregational Vitality and New Church Development