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A Journey to Heaven

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A Journey to Heaven
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A Journey to Heaven

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  1. A Journey to Heaven The Evangelist, the new believer & the Church Sacraments

  2. Hey my friend… I am interested in your belief… but can’t figure out what it offers… can you give me a clue …

  3. My friend… Orthodox Christianity gives us a chance to live in a much better world while we are on earth ….It has its very special way of making you taste/touch/smell heaven while you are still on earth….

  4. Our Church offers believers the chance to live IN HEAVEN while yet on earth …

  5. How come !!!

  6. Simply … by believing that our Lord God came to us on earth … so He made sure that Heaven and earth are ONE …But only for those who BELIEVE …

  7. Where does this JOURNEY start?I am very anxious to start…

  8. Here we go … (1B+3Cs = Salvation & Heaven)Baptism (B) + Chrismation (C) + Confession (C )+ Communion (C )

  9. Journey

  10. While • Baptism and Chrismation happen only ONCE in a life time….

  11. Baptism and ChrismationThe Evangelist Role • Preach the Word of God with the main goal Baptism • Follow the program set by the Church mission • Don’t hurry to advise baptism (our forefathers had a program that took 6 months – 3 years) • Seek continuous advice from the Bishop/priest, etc…

  12. First: Baptism • Rebirth through Water and Spirit

  13. So what do I have to do to get baptized?

  14. Requirements • Faith in the whole Christian Belief (may need months of “preaching” and teaching) • Repentance • Change of Old behavior • Decision to stop all previous bad behavior.

  15. Guess what … • You are quite lucky … • Lent is here… and the church has a wonderful program of teaching and preaching all who wish to know more about Christ and our Orthodox belief along each of the Sundays of Lent…

  16. Lent as a preparation for Catechumens • Repentance: • 1st Sunday: Look for the real treasure (Treasure Sunday • 2nd Sunday: Once you believe, expect temptation to come your way (Temptation Sunday) • 3rd Sunday: Once you believe, you are like the son who comes back to His Father’s house and you can now enjoy His unity (through the sacraments) (The Prodigal Son)

  17. The Living Water: • 4th – 6th Sundays: Now you can enjoy the sacredness of being REBORN through the HOLY WATER. (The Samaritan Woman – The invalid for 38 years – The Man born Blind) All Three cases were given a NEW LIFE through Holy Water.

  18. So in Baptism, we are buried inside the water three times … and then rise again just like Christ was buried in the tomb and rose after three days • We are now REBORN and REGAINED our eternal nature … • It is now possible for us to gain ETERNAL LIFE

  19. Then what happens after Baptism …

  20. Chrismation (The Anointment with Chrism (Sacrament of Confirmation)

  21. And what is it that happens in this one … what is the difference between Baptism and Chrismation

  22. Baptism: personal participation in the DEATH and RESURRECTION of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST • Chrimation: personal participation in THE HOLY SPIRIT

  23. After having been washed and cleansed from sin by immersion in the water in Baptism, the believer is anointed by the Holy Myron to receive • The HOLY SPIRIT …. • To receive GOD inside him … to re-unite with God for ever…

  24. So, what does the Holy Spirit do to me?

  25. The Holy Spirit also brings us all IN ONE BODY in HIM and makes us have holy compassion for one another. • The believer goes through the same process that the disciples went through with the Lord

  26. And I will pray the Father and He will give you another Helper that He may abide with you forever – (John 14:16)

  27. Once you get the Holy Spirit, it never ever leaves you … it is the SEAL of your faith… • The Holy Spirit RESIDES in you …

  28. But What does the Holy Spirit GIVE me? Does it give me anything?

  29. Yea……… It surely DOES

  30. Gifts • Preaching • Prophesying • Performing Miracles (even moving mountains) • Management

  31. Sounds Great …. So I will always pray that I get as many GIFTS as possible!!!

  32. No my friend….LOOK for the Fruits and don’t worry about Gifts …The Fruits are the ones that will make you and all around you really happy ….Gifts are the Lord’s business … He knows best who to give which gift and for which purpose

  33. Our job is to keep struggling and praying every day to gain as many FRUITS as possible

  34. So, does the Holy Spirit reside in me regardless of anything?

  35. Yes …. And … no

  36. Yes … no matter what you do the Holy Spirit continues being in you • But • NO … coz it may be there but totally “silent” as if it is not

  37. How come … I can’t understand

  38. This happens if you …. • Resist the Spirit: not listening to what It tells you • Quench the Spirit: keep it from being active in your life • Grieve the Spirit: make it sad by doing all the bad things that cannot match its Holy Nature So your life should be a Dynamic act of refilling … of Getting closer to God …

  39. So, then is there anything I should do to keep it Active in me?

  40. Yes …Sure First: As we said you need to realize that your life is an ongoing struggle for fruits evaluate yourself according to how much fruit is in you rather than how many gifts

  41. Second:your life should be an Ongoing process of repentance & getting closer to him through …

  42. two great treasures (sacraments) …confession + Holy communion (eucharist)

  43. But what is the eucharist?

  44. It is the Ultimate physical & spiritual unity with the Lord Jesus Christ …

  45. It is eating his body and drinking his blood in order to be one with him & WITH ONE ANOTHER